Mark Salem's Best 65

 Mike's AUTO TECH Inc
 continues to be featured on Mark Salem's "Best Car Repair Shops" in and around Phoenix.

Each of these shops knows the difference between right and wrong and knows how to properly diagnose, bid and repair your car.

So in an effort to place you in a complete comfort zone, I promise:

You cannot and will not find a better repair shop than the ones on this list.Let me be as clear as I can, no amount of money is going to get a bad shop on my list. If they ARE NOT in the top 10% of our auto repair industry, (based on our thorough investigation of their past record) they WILL NOT appear on this list. That's why it is called The Best Car Repair Shops in Phx.

Folks trust me to guide them through their car repairs and I don't take that responsibility lightly. I've been giving car repair advice on local radio and TV since November of 1987 and you have my word, I will ONLY send you to a shop that has YOUR best interests in front of their own, just like I do. I cannot fix all the cars many folks want me to fix and because of that, you've heard me say thousands of times, "You are going to drive by 5 other shops on your way to south Tempe, please let me guide you to a GREAT shop closer to you.".

Mark Salem, the Car Guy for 960AM KKNT has us listed as one of the "Best Repair Shops" in Phoenix, with top billing since 1998.