Michael D. Pirie

Associate Professor in Botany, University Museum of Bergen, Norway


Since June 2019 I'm curator at the Arboretum and Associate Prof. at the Department of Natural History, University Museum of Bergen, Norway.

Contact me to discuss potential BSc or MSc projects - topics could include phylogenomics of European or Cape Erica clades and analysis of high throughput sequence data for gene tree inference

May 2018: Profile in JGU Magazin (auf Deutsch): URL

Research interests:

The focus of my research is on hypothesis testing using molecular phylogenetic techniques. I have worked with various groups mainly of flowering plants (in particular Annonaceae; Danthonioideae [Poaceae]; and Erica [Ericaceae]) to address questions including why tropical South America is so diverse; what are the forces driving patterns of dispersal and diversification across the tropics, the continents of the Southern Hemisphere, or mountain systems such as the New Zealand Southern Alps and South African Cape fold mountains; and whether diversification has been influenced by particular phenomena such as shifts in morphological or physiological attributes or hybridisation. I am interested in the methodologies of phylogenetic systematics, in particular the fast developing fields of phylogenomics, molecular dating and reconstructing reticulate species phylogenies; and also in taxonomy and classification.

Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0403-4470; Academic history; Publications via Google Scholar, new species via Wikispecies, collections and dets via Bloodhound; reviews via Publons; LinkedIn profile. Email: pirie@uni-mainz.de; Twitter: @PirieMike

Selected publications (links to full list and to popular articles)

Pirie, M. D., Maas, P. J. M., Wilschut, R., Melchers-Sharrott, H., & Chatrou, L. 2018. Parallel diversifications of Cremastosperma and Mosannona (Annonaceae), tropical rainforest trees tracking Neogene upheaval of the South American continent. R Soc Open Sci., 5(1): 171561. URL

**Also peer-reviewed and recommended by Peer Community In Evolutionary Biology (Sauquet 2017)**

**And see recent JGU Mainz press release: URL**

Kadlec, M., Bellstedt, D. U., Le Maitre, N. C., & Pirie, M. D. 2017. Targeted NGS for species level phylogenomics: ‘made to measure’ or ‘one size fits all’? PeerJ 5:e3569 URL

Pirie, M.D., Oliver, E.G.H., Mugrabi de Kuppler, A., Gehrke, B., Le Maitre, N.C., Kandziora, M., & Bellstedt, D.U. (2016). The biodiversity hotspot as evolutionary hot-bed: spectacular radiation of Erica in the Cape Floristic Region. BMC Evol. Biol. 16, 1-11 URL

Kadereit, G., Ackerly, D., & Pirie, M.D. (2012). A broader model for C4 photosynthesis evolution in plants inferred from the goosefoot family (Chenopodiaceae s.s.). Proc. R. Soc. B. 279, 3304-3311 URL

Pirie, M.D., & Doyle, J.A. (2012). Dating clades with fossils and molecules: the case of Annonaceae. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 69, 84-116 URL

Visser, J. C., Bellstedt, D. U., & Pirie, M. D. (2012). The recent recombinant evolution of a major crop pathogen, Potato Virus Y. PLoS ONE (11): e50631. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0050631 URL

Pirie, M.D., Humphreys, A.M., Barker, N.P. & Linder, H.P. (2009) Reticulation, data combination and inferring evolutionary history: an example from Danthonioideae. Syst. Biol., 58, 612-628 URL PDF