Miha Krofel, PhD

assistant professor & wildlife researcher 

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources, Vertebrate Ecology Lab

doc. dr. Miha Krofel

Univerza v Ljubljani, Biotehniška fakulteta, Oddelek za gozdarstvo in obnovljive gozdne vire, Raziskovalna skupina za ekologijo vretenčarjev



- general topics:

       animal behaviour and ecology

       conservation biology

- species:

      Eurasian lynx, brown bear, grey wolf, jackals, leopard, 

      cheetah, snow leopard, clouded leopard, red deer, 

      chamois, ravens, lizards, and various scavengers 

- study areas:

       temperate and tropical rain forest, savanna,

       mountainous and semi-desert ecosystems in Europe, 

       Africa, Asia and North America