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Club Action Agenda

 3/1/2017       Renew Incorporation - https://www.njportal.com/DOR/AnnualReports/Business - See Below
 7/1/2017     Receive Insurance Forms from NNJSDA
 8/1/2017 Return Insurance Forms to NNJSDA 
 9/1/2017 Receive Insurance Certificates from NNJSDA
 10/1/2016* NNJSDA - Dues/Assessments - Roster one numbered line per member (Dues, Grand Square, Insur)
 10/15/2016 Select Nominating Committee
 12/1/2016 Middletown Recreation - Renew/Pay Permit - # of Dances next year
 12/1     Enter next years dances into the NNJSDA Website
 12/1                Enter next years dances into "Where's the Dance" website
 Incorporation Annual Reports: Entity 0900038126; Business Type NP; Filing Date 03/1973    
 *NNJSDA Bill received end of November