What we do

Essentially, running in a circle ..... mainly because we like to start and finish at a pub. Loosely defined, we are a sociable 'running' club set up so that any of us can run as much or as little as we like on each outing; explained here . We're a mixed bunch, and look forward to saying hello if you feel like coming along. For some blogging about our runs and others, have a look here [i.e., the "East Midlands Hasher" blog].

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    • Date: Monday Aug 14th, 2017; 19:15
    • Location:  The Jolly Sailor, Hemington      DE74  2RB 
    • Hare(s): 
    • Notes:

    How to join in

    • How much does it cost? £1.50 per run, which goes toward the down downs. Visitors and virgins are free (one time only). There is no annual subscription fee. 
    • Where? Different pub each time. For the Mickleover within 30 mins of Derby, usually approximately within a rough triangle of Derby-Nottingham-Loughborough. 
    • How far? Usually 4-5 miles, but this depends on how many of the false trails you check out.
    • When? We do a trail once a month on a Monday evening at 19:15, usually on the second Monday of the Month.
    • How do I get there? Bus or car, but get in touch if you would like a lift with someone.
    • Who do I talk to fix up a time and place to meet? See: Contacts.

    Links to other local hashes!

    Quorn H3: Has trails three times a month; the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11:00, and the last Monday at 19:15.
    Ashborne H4: Usually first Saturday of the month at 11:00.
    Birmingham: Typically Saturdays.