Mickleover Hash House Harriers

Next Run - MH3#308

  • Date: Monday Feb 11th, 2019; 19:15
  • Location: Etwall, Derbys

You will need your torches

  • bring torches

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What we do

Essentially, running in a circle ..... mainly because we like to start and finish at a pub. Loosely defined, we are a sociable 'running' club set up so that any of us can run as much or as little as we like on each outing; . We're a mixed bunch, and look forward to saying hello if you feel like coming along. Walkers are welcome and there are always some walkers on each run.

Run markings explained here but not important for you to know as you'll pick it up very easily.

MH3 History, What is the Hash House Harriers

How to join in

  • How much does it cost? £1.50 per run, which goes toward the down downs. Visitors and virgins are free (one time only). There is no annual subscription fee.
  • Bring old running shoes (not new ones)
  • Where? Different pub each time. Within 30 mins of Derby, usually approximately within a rough triangle of Derby-Nottingham-Loughborough.
  • How far? Usually 4-5 miles, but this depends on how many of the false trails you check out.
  • When? We do a trail once a month on a Monday evening at 19:15, usually on the second Monday of the Month.
  • How do I get there? Bus or car, but get in touch if you would like a lift with someone.
  • Who do I talk to fix up a time and place to meet? See: Contacts.

Links to other local hashes!

Quorn H3: Has trails three times a month; the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11:00, and the last Monday at 19:15.

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