Welcome to my web page. I work as a Senior Research Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. My academic research looks at topics related to oil markets, monetary policy and the macroeconomy. You can click on Research to find links and more information on my scholarly work.

I have also written a number of shorter articles for the Bank that focus on oil and gas markets, the regional economy, and, occasionally, other commodity markets. In addition, I am heavily involved with the Dallas Fed Energy Survey. Please click on Oil Market Analysis for links and more details on this work. 
Please feel free to contact me by mail:
Research Department
2200 N Pearl St
Dallas, TX 75201
Or by e-mail:
michael dot plante at dal dot frb dot org
Plante is a very common family name in Quebec and parts of the U.S. where French-Canadians migrated to at various points in time. You may be looking for a different Michael Plante. If so, here are a few links:
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