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Front Row Seat

Front Row Seat:  A Veteran Reporter Relives the Four Decades that Reshaped America
Eakin Press (2003)
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From the turbulent sixties – which saw the assassinations of a President, a Presidential candidate, and the most prominent civil rights leader in America’s history; an unpopular war that drove another President from office; and man first stepping foot on the moon’s surface – to the prosperous nineties – which saw unprecedented stock market wealth; only the second impeachment of a President in American history; and a technological revolution – former ABC-TV anchorman and news correspondent Murphy Martin had a Front Row Seat.  In 2003, Mike collaborated with Murphy to ghostwrite his memoir of four decades as a journalist.

From Publishers Weekly:

Martin presents his own professional and personal take on the familiar characters connected to JFK’s murder. At times the recollections provide a fresh perspective — e.g., besides the priest, Martin was the only other man present at the christening of Marina Oswald’s daughter Rachel, becoming her godfather by default.

. . . the section on Ross Perot is quite compelling; it provides a true insider’s take on his character, public and private, and his campaigns, corporate and political.

Kennedy assassination buffs and Perot fans should appreciate this book; it’s written by someone who knows how to sort out facts and shape them into stories.