Miles Apart is a story of love and forgiveness when, grieving the death of his father, Miles Buffett discovers a shocking family secret in Depression-era letters between his grandparents.

Miles Apart

By Mike Farris

Taylor and Seale Publishing

Something Unfortunate is a legal thriller about a murder within a major Dallas law firm--one partner killed another. Or did he?

Next Chapter publishing

by Mike Farris

Stairway Press

In Every Pig Got a Saturday, attorney Bobby Reavis and his bride Karla set out for their honeymoon on the Caribbean island of Barbados, their future together filled with blue skies and sunny days. But escaped killer Oliver "Ocee" Clarke has a different future in store for them. What follows is a deadly game of cat-and-mouse that reaches from the streets of Dallas back to the jungles of Barbados, leading to a final showdown between the lawyer and the murderer.

by Mike Farris and Jennifer Pedroza

Fifty Shades of Black and White: Anatomy of the Lawsuit behind a Publishing Phenomenon: Mike teams up with Texas schoolteacher Jennifer Pedroza to tell their remarkable story of betrayal, breach of trust, and high-stakes litigation behind the publishing of one of the most lucrative juggernauts in publishing history, the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fifty Shades of Black and White: Anatomy of the Lawsuit behind a Publishing Phenomenon

by Mike Farris

Skyhorse Publishing

A Death in the Islands tells the true story of the Ala Moana Boys and Clarence Darrow's last case: a murder trial in Honolulu in 1932, in which Darrow defended the killers of one of the Ala Moana Boys, Joe Kahahawai, who was allegedly involved in the rape of the wife of Navy Lieutenant Tommie Massie. The result was an epic courtroom battle between Darrow and the Territory of Hawaii’s top prosecutor, John C. Kelley (a lawyer described as having a “terrific jury personality – when he’s sober”), in a case that threatened to touch off a race war in Hawaii and resulted in one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in American history.

A Death in the Islands: The Unwritten Law and the Last Trial of Clarence Darrow

Stairway Press

A unusual bequest turns into a nightmare for one of Hollywood's most famous actresses.

A Death in the Islands is a gripping story of injustice and legal misconduct, a compulsive page-turner that reads like a true-life film noir. An accomplished attorney himself, Mike Farris casts a sharp light onto issues of sex, race and class in ‘30s-era Hawaii that continue to resonate in today’s troubled political times. His unsparing portrait of an opportunistic Clarence Darrow is only one of several major surprises in a narrative of sustained suspense. The story of the Ala Moana boys is more than a cautionary tale; it’s an indictment of an entire society that leaves you brimming with outrage.” – Kirk Ellis, Emmy Award-winning writer/co-executive producer of HBO’s John Adams.

Isle of Broken Dreams

by Mike Farris

Stairway Press

Trapped in the world of prostitution in World War II Honolulu's red light district, a young woman struggles to break free.

“With Isle of Broken Dreams, Mike Farris has weaved a colorful and intriguing story set in the brothels of Chinatown in wartime Honolulu, exposing the other side of Paradise. As a fan of history and drama, I was quickly caught up in young Sadie MacKenzie’s fascinating journey of discovery, adventure, betrayal and unexpected redemption.” Roy Tjioe, Island Film Group, producer of Soul Surfer and Princess Kaiulani.

“Anyone interested in World War II, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii or human nature on the firing line will be riveted by Isle of Broken Dreams. The characters are true and the plot is breathless. This is a terrific read.” William Bernhardt, New York Times bestselling author of the Ben Kincaid legal thrillers.

“In this riveting new novel, Mike Farris takes you to the dark side of Paradise, and what a trip! Vivid, atmospheric, historically accurate, and alive with interesting characters caught in a powerful, propulsive narrative. It swept me along, and once you've read a few pages, you won't be able to put it down.” William Martin, New York Times Bestselling Author of Annapolis and The Lincoln Letter.

"Looking for a distinct voice, perfectly drawn characters and astonishingly interesting plots? Pick up a Mike Farris novel and prepare for long nights and a wild ride. He'll throw in a few twists and turns just to keep you guessing right up to the very end. I have trouble putting his books down."

Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of The Jury Master

The Bequest

by Mike Farris

Someone is killing lawyers and staging the crime scenes to reflect lawyer jokes.

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By Mike Farris

Rules of Privilege from Bold Venture Press

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A young lawyer defends her uncle on a murder charge only to discover he may be a serial killer

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By Mike Farris

Manifest Intent from Bold Venture Press

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Attorney Scot Anthony must find out who is killing the witnesses in his case with the federal government before he becomes the final victim.

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By Mike Farris

Kanaka Blues from Bold Venture Press

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When her mentor is killed investigating native Hawaiian sovereignty claims, law professor Erin Hanna comes to the islands to finish his investigation.

The police suspect an outlaw sovereignty leader of the murder, but Erin believes he is being set up. Out to prove his innocence, she finds herself squarely in the sights of the real killers.

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Call Me Lucky: A Texan in Hollywood

By Robert Hinkle with Mike Farris

University of Oklahoma Press

Rodeo cowboy Bob Hinkle parlayed his down-home Texas drawl and mannerisms into a long career in Hollywood that saw him work with, and become friend to, the likes of James Dean, Rock Hudson, Paul Newman, and John Wayne, among others.

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Front Row Seat: A Veteran Reporter Relives the Four Decades that Reshaped America

by Murphy Martin, ghostwritten by Mike Farris

Eakin Press

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By Mike Farris

The Catch from Bold Venture Press

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In the winter of 1965, a single-engine airplane with two people onboard crashes in a densely wooded area of Texas known as the Big Thicket. While the pilot, Gabe Rogers, is killed, his passenger, preacher Corky Farris, survives to find himself confronting a crisis of faith. Paralyzed from the waist down due to a broken back, Corky struggles to stay alive until he can be rescued. One problem – because they took off a day earlier than planned, nobody yet knows to be searching for them.

For the next forty hours, Corky confronts the decisions in his life that led him to this spot. Has he truly followed God’s will, or is this his punishment for disregarding it? Egging him on, and also challenging his faith, is the spirit (angel? ghost? hallucination?) of Gabe, the dead pilot, who guides Corky on this painful journey of self-discovery. Based on a true story.