Aquatic microbiomes

We are a young group of researchers based at the University of Greifswald in Germany studying eukaryotic and prokaryotic microbes in different aquatic environments. We are particularly interested in their interactions with eachother and with larger organimsms as well as their roles in ecosystem carbon cycling. Microbial interactions are diverse and ubiquitous and are central to understanding biodiversity and element cycling in aquatic ecosystems such as oceans, lakes, rivers and streams!

Our interests include:

  • Microbiomes of aquatic macrophytes and microalgae

  • Community ecology of microbiomes, from microalgae to mammals.

  • Biofilms

  • Macrophyte bed ecology (kelp forests/seagrass meadows)

  • Mixotrophy

  • Peatland microbiomes

  • Biodiversity-functioning relationships in microbial communities

  • Teaching and communication of science to the general public

  • Open access publication

Mia Bengtsson (group leader) can also be found here: