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Mary is a Boston native, originally self-taught musician and singer-songwriter. Her vocal ability came from singing in Choirs all her life, along with some classical vocal training and performing with top-notch musicians. Mary's passion to learn more about music drove her to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston where she developed new composition and arrangement skills by studying Jazz standards. She plays, studies and teaches piano/vocal, including chord theory and arrangements. Plus she loves to play guitar, it's the first instrument she reaches for when I'm writing new songs.

Mary's many influences include the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, J.Geils Band, Jeff Beck, plus Blues and Jazz innovators from back in the day, as well as newer artists such as Sophie Milman, Peter Cincotti, Jamie Cullum, and new Pop Opera Artists... Some HUGE influences are Elvis, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Bill Evans, Nina Simone, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and a very long list of R&B, and Motown Artists...

Songwriting remains her passion! Mary is hoping to complete some songs she still has in the studio, and to build a new catalog of material to perform live as well... Stay tuned there's more to come!


"You've Dressed Me Up In Black"


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