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March 26, 2017: New Release - "Something About You"

July 05, 2015: "Let Love Flow" Hit's #1 in Hard Rock Chart (#13 in all of Rock Chart).

April 23, 2015: "Dreams Of Two" Hit's #1 in Hard Rock Chart (#8 in all of Rock Chart).


Michael A Hughes is a musician/songwriter who has performed in the Boston, Massachusetts-USA local music scene in the mid/late 80's to early 90's with such original, melodic rock acts as “THE TURNING POINT”, “ZALLA”, “HIGH GEAR” and then later with "DEMOLITION MAN - A Tribute to the Music of The Police" (2002-2008) and with "FORTRESS - A Celebration to the Music from Sting & The Police" (2015 - 2017).

With his unique way of developing, composing and arranging melodic rock songs signifies that he has something credible to offer the music industry. Michael is writing and recording in his own multitrack recording studio with the aspiration to gain the interest of publishers, major/independent labels, and major/independent recording artist alike as a songwriter/artist. Formerly of North Andover, Massachusetts, Michael is a graduate of North Andover High School and Five Towns Music College located on Long Island, New York studying Audio Recording Technology.

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Awesome - This is great (“Love’s Not the Question”)!!! We need more of this… Kayla –

Move over Journey-

Not bad at all (“Love’s Not the Question”). The bass is pretty awesome... all instrumentation is well done. Nice Job... SideSwipe –

Love's Not the Question”-

Sounds like what you'd get if ABC, Duran Duran and Saga had a baby in the early 80's. However, if you love the 80's music... this is a good start on bringing it back. Good song... Dnyborg –

Good pure AOR material on this compilation (Odds’n’Ends), such as the AOR rockers “Broken Heart”, “Can I”, “Not Your Love”, “Doubt the Love” and “Take Care” that all sound a bit like PHIL VINCENT… Gabor Kleinbloesem / Strutter'zine-The Netherlands.

A very capable musician with a good feel. They say that everything old can/will become new again and I feel that Michael is right on time for this style of 80's rock to come back again…, USA.

…musically can be defined as pop/AOR and by common perception; close to the sounds of JOURNEY and PHIL VINCENT… Slam! Party Rock'zine-Italy.

These tunes are great if you enjoy melodic/rock style material… Northeast Local Rock-New Hampshire, USA.

Honestly, the material I'm hearing is very catchy, the hooks, everything!!!… Nicky Baldrian / Fireworks Magazine-UK.

I can see his material going over well at music publishers as well as record labels… International Marketing Group-Canada.

The songs are pretty much bringing you into AOR HEAVEN (Combined Forces), because they are that good… Gabor Kleinbloesem / Strutter'zine-The Netherlands.

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