Seminar on Automorphic Forms and Representation Theory

University of Sheffield, Spring 2017

This seminar aims to study the path that goes from modular forms to automorphic representations.  

A short note on the seminar can be found HERE.

Talks will be on Tuesdays at 1pm in J11. 

For a description of the contents of the talks, see the departmental seminars page (the short note above gives a rough idea).


Title: Automorphic Forms as Representations: An overview.   (Haluk Sengun)
Week 4 (Feb. 28)

Title: Background. Part I. (David O'Sullivan)
Week 5 (Mar. 7) 

Title:  Background. Part II. (Jordan Williamson)
Week 6 (Mar. 14)

Title: Background. Part III. (Prathan Jarupoonphol)
Week 7 (Mar. 21)

Title: Real Story. Part I. (Dave Spencer)
Week 8 (Mar. 28)

Title: Real Story. Part II. (Di Zhang)
Week 9 (Apr. 25)

Title: Real Story. Part III. (Ciaran or Sam or Rudolf or Angelo)
Week 10 (May 2)

Title: Adelic Story. Part I. (Dimitar Kodjabachev)
Week 11 (May 9)

Title: Adelic Story. Part II. (Ariel Weiss)
Week 12 (May 16)

Title: Adelic Story. Part III. (Ciaran or Sam or Rudolf or Angelo)
Week 13(?) (May 23)