Here are some notes and expository papers:
  • Some Applications of Number Theory to 3-Manifolds Theory [pdf] 
    Extended notes of a talk I gave at the Geometric Topology Seminar of the MPIM 
    on applications of number theory and automorphic forms to 3-manifolds theory.
  • The deformation theory of Galois representations [pdf] 
    In ``The Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem" by Nigel Boston et. al.
  • A numerical study of mod p Bianchi modular forms and Galois representations [pdf] 
    Some old computations of mine related to the modularity of 2-dimensional 
    mod p Galois representations over imaginary quadratic fields.
  • Torsion Homology of Arithmetic Kleinian Groups [pdf] 
    Extended notes of a talk I gave at the workshop ``Growth and Mahler Measures" 
    at the Mittag-Leffler Institute in July 2013.
  • An Introduction to A-Polynomials and their Mahler Measures [pdf] 
    Extended notes of the talks I gave at the mini-workshop ``Knot Theory and Number Theory 
    around the A-Polynomial" at the IST, Lisbon in January 2014.