Pontevedra, 1979. Graduated in English Philology from the University of Santiago de Compostela, she finished her Ph.D. in Cognitive Science and Language at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona in 2010. 

After a series of postdoctoral contracts at the U. Pompeu Fabra (Alianza 4 Universidades, 2010-2012), the U. of Groningen and the UB (Beatriu de Pinòs A & B, 2013-2015), the U. of Copenhagen (head-hunted, 2016-2018), and the U. of Toulouse - Jean-Jaurès (2020-2022), she is currently a Ramón y Cajal Associate Researcher at the Gerontology and Geriatrics Group (GiGG-G00083; Department of Physiotherapy, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences) of the University of A Coruña.

She is also an active member of the Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists (CATs), the research group INVESLOGO (GIUV2021-490, U. Valencia), associate member of the Laboratoire de NeuroPsychoLinguistique (UT2J), and has collaborated with the U. of Novi Sad (Serbia) for more than 10 years.

research interests

I am mainly interested in primary and secondary language disorders, especially in cases of aphasia and neurodegenerative processes.

Among other topics, it is worth noting the adaptation of assessment tools, and EEG studies of dyslexia and NBD individuals.