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24.10.2015 IDS Seinäjoki
Judge Korns Dina
Metpol Afrodite exc
Metpol HermesPuola VG

1.8.2015 IDS Iisalmi
Judge Sinko Stefan
Metpol HermesPuola CACIB, resCAC
Metpol Afrodite exc cq
Metpol HemeraPoland exc cq
Argentonero Captain Hook vet BM-3

18.7.2015 IDS Ylivieska
Judge Tomasz Borkowski
Metpol HermesPuola open class VG -4
Metpol Afrodite VG-3
Amore Mio Vis a Vis VG -3

Metpol Afrodite VG-3

Metpol HermesPuola open class VG -4

Amore Mio Vis a Vis VG -3

Piteå/Sjulnäs Sweden, judge Korna Dina

FI ch, FinnSieger Aries Vis a Vis  got CACIB!!!
"Nice type, good size. Correct head with strong muzzle-good proportion to body. Correct topline, body and angulation. Good coat structure. Moves well."

Ksenia Happy Dog Polonia-BB-3, res-CAC, exc-1, cq
"Standard size, fem. with good bones. Head in good proportions to body with correct line. Good eyes and ears. Nice topline. Good angulation, correct coat structure. Moves freely but turn hocks out a little bit."

27.6.2015 Gällivare Sweden, judge Delerue Pedro Sanches-Portugal

FI ch, FinnSieger Aries Vis a Vis- BM-4, exc, cq
"Godd size, correct type, strong head, good neck & topline, deep chest, correct angulation, well movement, typical coat."

21.6.2015 IDS Tromso NO
Judge Jakobsen John
FI ch, Finnsieger Aries Vis a Vis exc-1
FI ch, LT ch Argentonero Captain Hook V-2

16.5.2015 Rauma IDS, judge Magdalena Kozlowska PL
Metpol Afrodite jun, exc-1 cq
Metpol Athene jun, exc-2 cq
Metpol HemeraPoland exc
Amore Mio Vis a Vis BB-4, res-CAC

Metpol Afrodite

Metpol Afrodite junior, exc-1 cq

Metpol HemeraPoland exc

12.4.2015 IDS Vaasa, judge Marjo Järventölä FI
FI ch Metpol HemeraPoland ch-1 exc cq
Metpol Afrodite jun exc-1
Metpol Athene jun exc-2
Koivunevan High Hopes BF-4, exc cq
Amore Mio Vis a Vis exc

                                                                                                        kuvassa Metpol Athene ja Jenna

11.4.2015 Kankaanpää GDS, judge Kimmo Mustonen FI
Metpol Afrodite jun-1 exc cq
Amore Mio Vis A Vis BF-3, exc-1 cq
Koivunevan High Hopes BF-4, exc-3, cq

21.2.15 Tuusniemi GDS, Ksenia Happy Dog Polonia BF-1, BOS, CAC
Judge Anca Giura Romania:
very young female, very well scissored head, correct bite & ears, dark eyes, compact body, correct tail, correct silverspot.

10.1.2015 Kajaani, Ksenia Happy Dog Polonia, BF-2, res-CAC, exc cq. Judge: Delerue Pedro Sanches, Portugal.
Strong bitch. Excellent head. Ears should be better carried. Good neck and topline. Deep chest. Straight front. Good angulation. Strong movement. Correct coat.

10.1.2015 Kajaani, Amore Mio Vis a Vis, EXC. Judge: Delerue Pedro Sanches, Portugal.
Feminin. Typical head. Good neck. Short body. Correct topline. Good angulation. Correct front. Movement needs more extension. Good coat.