About us

Kennel Metpol was established in 2012, and the same FCI admitted the kennel name. However, my experiences with schnauzers began in 1975, when I got my first pepper and salt schnauzer from my father. At this time the breed was very rare in Kielce (my hometown in Poland, now 200.000 residents), and my dog Gero Gagatek Polon was the second schnauzer in our town.

Our kennel name, Metpol, comes from my dogs Metka (Medea Happy Dog Polonia) and Pollux (Aries Vis a Vis). All our beloved dogs are true part of our family and are treated as such. They are living with us in our household. 

I am happy that during the years I have met a lot of people who share my attitude and passion 
towards dogs. Piia Kiuru has showed me and taught me, how to trim my dogs coat and also to show them. Now I can pass on this knowledge to owners of my puppies.

We have a limited number of litters which allows us to give more time for puppies and their mother. The mother is being monitored and receives veterinary care before, during and after delivery. Our puppies are born in our house and stay in the house all the time. During their growth time they have daily contact with our family members and dogs to assure early socialization which is necessary for their future development into intelligent and agreeable individuals. Puppies are adapted to everyday life and in this way they become courageous and fearless. After 4 weeks, the puppies go out in our yard where they run around with our other dogs. This process enables them to build strong bodies and learn canine social skills.

Since breeding is only our hobby, we cannot offer you a puppy tomorrow. So, reserving one of our dogs might require time and patience. Our puppies are available only for homes where they will be beloved pets and companions, which means they live WITH THE OWNER'S FAMILY not in a cage. We sell our puppies only for active, responsible, caring individuals who have time and schnauzer knowledge. Ability, facilities, patientness, resources to provide a good, permanent home where the pup will live a long, happy, safe life are required. The buyer must be familiar with the breed, be willing to accept the responsibilities which are necessary with schnauzer ownership.

Anyone who loves schnauzers and would like to have a puppy from us is welcome to our home. We are happy to show our dogs in environment where they live. We want to keep in touch with our puppies owners. We want, above all, that our puppies will have a loving home, but we do also hope to see them at dog shows too.