Sister Hazel Collection

 I no longer collect this band!They started as a jam band and now they've gone country!!😡





CD Pressings


Sister Hazel Croakin Poets AUT 1100

Sister Hazel Croakin Poets CP-1

Sister Hazel Universal UD-53115
Sister Hazel Universal/Columbia House *UD-53115

Sister Hazel Sixthman SXM2-61042

Somewhere More Familiar Croakin Poets

Somewhere More Familiar Universal U3S-53030 (Advance)

Somewhere More Familiar Universal UD-53030 US

Somewhere More Familiar Universal/Columbia House *UD-53030 US

Somewhere More Familiar Universal/BMG D118865 US

Somewhere More Familiar Universal UD-53030 UK

Somewhere More Familiar Universal USD-53030 Canada w/sticker (Sealed)

Somewhere More Familiar Universal MVCU-24010 Japan w/OBI (Sealed)

Somewhere More Familiar Universal MVCU-24010 Japan w/OBI PROMO

Fortress Universal 012 157 883-2 w/silver writing on disc

Fortress Universal *UD 57883 COLUMBIA HOUSE

Fortress Universal 012 157 883-2 INO2 BMG w/black title inlay

Fortress Universal UNIF-20211-2 w/all black disc (Advance)

Fortress Universal 012 157 883-2 (2 cd set)w/single

Fortress Universal 012 157 883-2 SEALED 2cd set w/sticker

Fortress Universal MVCU-24073 JAPAN w/OBI PROMO (Sealed)

Fortress Universal 012 157 883-2 CANADA (Sealed)

Chasing Daylight Croakin poets/Sixthman 77516 10152 (Advance)w/hyper cd

Chasing Daylight Sixthman SXM2-61015

Chasing Daylight Sixthman SXM2-61015 (Signed)

Live Live Sixthman SXM2-61025 (Advance)

Live Live Sixthman SXM2-61025

Lift Croakin poets (Advance)

Lift Sixthman SXM-61028

Absolutely (Advance)

Absolutely Croakin poets ADM-40032-2 w/sticker (Sealed)

BAM!volume 1 Croakin Poets  RKM2-61117

Before The Amplifiers Live Acoustic Croaking Poets RKM2-61169 (Sealed)

 Before The Amplifiers Live Acoustic Croaking Poets RKM2-61195 (Jewel case UK)

Release Croaking Poets RKM2-61238
Heartland Highway Croaking Poets RKM2 - 61300

            CD Singles/promo


Learn To Fly Warber/Chappell (Non Lp Track)

All Access Behind The Scenes SMF Part 1 (4 Tracks)

Something Old,new,live, All For you (4 track sampler)


Somewhere more familiar

All For You UDS-56135 (sealed)

All For You UND56144 (sealed slim case)

All For You UND56144 AUS (slim case)

All For You U5P-1144 (1 track)

All For You U5P-1146 (2 track)

All For You U5P-1212 (2 Acoustic tracks)

Happy U5P-1229 (2 tracks)

Happy U5P-1230 (3 tracks)

Happy UDS56185 (slim case)

Concede U5P-1300



Change your Mind UNIR-20084-2

Change Your Mind (3 track cdr)

Champagne High UNIR 20320-2

Champagne High/Change your Mind 158 752-2 (slim case)

Champagne High/Change your Mind SHPR00101 w/yellow sticker (slim case)


Chasing Daylight

Your Mistake S-61015A

Your Mistake w/black writing

Life Got In The Way S-61015P X2 colors

Life Got In The Way (1 track cdr)

Come Around SXM2-61015B



Just What I Needed

All About The Love

Dreamers (cdr)

Selections From Lift (5 track promo)



Mandolin Moon (2 track)

Mandolin Moon (2 track cdr)

This Kind Of Love (1 track cdr)


Before The Amplifiers Live Acoustic

 Your Winter RKM2-61188 (1 track promo)



 Take A Bow RKM2-61242 (1 track promo)


Other Cds

Platinum Songs For Sale (Greatest Hits Promo Cd)


Promo Videos

"Fortress" Universal Records EPK 6:03


Cassette Tapes

 All For You Single UCS-56135

Somewhere More Familiar UC-53030 (Sealed W/Sticker)

Fortress 012 157 883-4 (Sealed W/Sticker)



These are items im looking for!!Please Help!!

 Your Mistake promo cd

Birthday Bash Cd

2008 Promo Cd 15 Tracks


Champagne High Promo Video


White album (Columbia House)