Cd Collection

I like a bunch of different types of music so I have a little of everything in my collection but mostly Classic Rock,Hard Rock & Old School Heavy Metal!

This list is just for me to keep track of the cd's I have! 
155+ Bands
750+ Cds
Accept - Blind Rage 
Accept - Blood Of The Nations
Accept - Stalingrad

Accept - The Rise Of Chaos 
Accept - The Final Chapter
Accept - A Compilation Of The Best Of balls to the wall and restless & wild

Accept - Restless And Live Blind Rage Live In Europe 2015 (2cd/DVD set)
Ac/dc - Bonfire (5 CD Boxset)
Ac/dc - Powerage
Ac/dc - High Voltage
Ac/dc - Let There Be Rock
Ac/dc - If You Want Blood

Ac/dc - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Ac/dc - Back In Black

Ac/dc - Highway To Hell

Ac/dc - The Razors Edge

Ac/dc - For Those About To Rock

Ac/dc - Who Made Who

Ac/dc  - '74 Jailbreak

Ac/dc - Flick Of The Switch
Ac/dc - Blow Up Your Video
Ac/dc - Fly On The Wall
Ac/dc - Ballbreaker (Jewel case with sticker)
Ac/dc - Ballbreaker
Ac/dc - Stiff Upper Lip (Australian Tour Edition with front sticker and Bonus cd)
Ac/dc - Black Ice

Ac/dc - Live (2cd set)

Ac/dc - Live At River Plate (2cd)                                                                          

Ac/dc - First Time In Boston (CD BOOTLEGBoston,MA Aug 21 1978

Ac/dc - Against The Current (CD BOOTLEG) Columbus,OH Sep 10th 1978

Ac/dc - Living In The Hell (CD BOOTLEGTowson,Maryland Oct 16th 1979

Ac/dc - Back In Arizona 2000 (2CDR BOOTLEGPhoenix,AZ Sep 13th 2000

Ac/dc - Stiff Upper Lip World Tour 2000 (2CD BOOTLEGFrankfurt,GERMANY Oct 24th 2000

Ac/dc - Ac/dc - In The Club (2CD BOOTLEGBerlin,GERMANY Jun 9th 2003

Ac/dc - Hail Caesar (single)

Ac/dc - Stiff Upper Lip (single)

Ac/dc - Safe In New York City (single)
Ac/dc - Safe In New York City (EU single)
Aerosmith - Live Bootleg

Aerosmith - Nine Lives

Aerosmith - Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (2cd)
Alan Parsons Project - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination
Alan Parsons Project - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination (2cd Deluxe Edition)
Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid (2008 Remastered w/Bonus Tracks)
Alan Parsons Project - The Turn Of A Friendly Card (2015 Remastered w/Bonus tracks 2cd set)
Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky (2008 Remastered w/Bonus tracks)

Alan Parsons Project - Live In Colombia (2cd)
Alan Parsons Project - The Instrumental Works
Alan Parsons Project - The Very Best Live
Alan Parsons Project - The Essential (3cd set)

Amber Waves - Amber Waves 
America - The Complete Greatest Hits

America - The Definitive America 
Anvil - Monument Of Metal
Anvil - Juggernaut Of Justice (single)

April Wine - The Nature Of The Beast

April WIne - First Glance

April Wine - Harder...Faster

April Wine - Classic Masters

April Wine - King Biscuit
April Wine - Live In London
April Wine - Greatest Hits Live 2003 (2cd set)                                                
April Wine - The April Wine Collection (4cd Boxset)
Arch/Matheos - Sympathetic Resonance
Artizan - Curse Of The Artizan
Artizan - Ancestral Energy

Artizan - The Furthest Reaches

Artizan - The Furthest Reaches (SE w/bonus track)
Armored Saint - March Of The Saint
Armored Saint - March Of The Saint (Remastered 2006)
Armored Saint - Delirious Nomad (Remastered 2011)
Armored Saint - Saints Will Conquer
Armored Saint - Symbol Of Salvation (Special Edition 3cd Boxset)
Armored Saint - Revelation
Armored Saint - Nod To The Old School (2cd set)
Armored Saint - La Raza
Armored Saint - Win Hards Down 2016

Armored Saint - Carpe Noctum

Asia - Aqua
Asia - Arena
Asia - The Very Best Of Asia

Audioslave - Audioslave

Audioslave - Out Of Exile

Audioslave - Revelation

Audioslave - Audioslave (4 track promo)
Bad Company - 10 From 6
Big Head Todd And The Monsters - Sister Sweetly
Big Head Todd And The Monsters - Riviera

Big Head Todd And The Monsters - Live Monsters

Big Head Todd And The Monsters - Please Don't Tell Her (single)
Big Head Todd And The Monsters - Bittersweet People (CD BOOTLEG) H.O.R.D.E. Fest 1993,Ventura,Ca March 15th 1994 & Holmdel,NJ 1994

Big Head Todd And The Monsters - Sister Sweetly (CD BOOTLEGLupo's Heartbreak Hotel,Providence,RI Jan 1st 1995
Billy Squier - Don't Say No (30th Anniversary Edition)
Billy Squier - Essential
Black Country Communion - Black Country Communion (2 disc set 1cd/1dvd)
Black Country Communion - 2
Black Country Communion - Afterglow
Black Country Communion - Live Over Europe (2cd set)
Blackfoot - The Best Of
Blackfoot - Highway Song Live
Black Sabbath - Symptom Of The Universe (2cd set)
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality
Black Sabbath - Vol 4
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Black Sabbath - Live Evil (Deluxe Edition 2cd set)
Black Sabbath - Mob Rules
Black Sabbath - Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition 2cd set)
Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer
Black Sabbath - Reunion (2cd set)
Black Sabbath - 13 (2cd Best Buy Version w 4 bonus tracks)

Black Sabbath - The End (Tour EP)

Black Sabbath - The End Birmingham (Live 2cd Set)

Black Sabbath - The End Birmingham (Digipak blu ray/cd combo)

Black Sabbath - Live In Asbury Park 1975 (2CD BOOTLEG) Asbury,NJ Aug 5th 1975
Black Sabbath - Gillan The Hero (CD BOOTLEG) Worchester,Mass 1983 #685 of 1000

Blue Oyster Cult - Blue Oyster Cult (Remaster w/bonus tracks)

Blue Oyster Cult - Tyranny & Mutation                                                               

Blue Oyster Cult - Secret Treaties (Remaster w/bonus tracks)

Blue Oyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening

Blue Oyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening (Digipack w/bonus dvd)
Blue Oyster Cult - Some Enchanted Evening (Greece digipack pressing)

Blue Oyster Cult - Agents Of Fortune

Blue Oyster Cult - Spectres

Blue Oyster Cult - On Your Feet Or On Your Knees

Blue Oyster Cult - Mirrors

Blue Oyster Cult - Cultosaurus Erectus

Blue Oyster Cult - Fire Of Unknown Origin

Blue Oyster Cult - Extraterrestrial Live

Blue Oyster Cult - The Revolution By NIght

Blue Oyster Cult - Club Ninja

Blue Oyster Cult - Imaginos

Blue Oyster Cult - Cult Classic (Signed cover)
Blue Oyster Cult - Cult Classic (Gold Cd)

Blue Oyster Cult - Cult Classic (Germany)

Blue Oyster Cult - Heaven Forbid (Germany)

Blue Oyster Cult - Curse Of The Hidden Mirror

Blue Oyster Cult - A Long Day's Night

Blue Oyster Cult - Live 1976

Blue Oyster Cult - Work Of The Telescopes (2cd set)                                   

Blue Oyster Cult - Tales Of The Psychic Wars (2cd set)

Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper
Blue Oyster Cult - The Columbia Albums Collection Sampler

Blue Oyster Cult - Astronomy (single)

Blue Oyster Cult - Astronomy (4 track single)
Blue Oyster Cult - Live In The West (2CD BOOTLEG) Washington,Oregon & California 1975
Blue Oyster Cult - Dharma For Buck (CD BOOTLEG) Unreleased 1970 tracks,Live in Long Island,NY 1975 & LIve in Albany,NY 1976
Blue Oyster Cult - The Thing! (2CD BOOTLEG) New York City,NY June 18th 1981

Blue Oyster Cult - Godzilla (BOOTLEGNew York City,NY June 18th 1981

Blue Oyster Cult - Scaring Spectres (2CDR BOOTLEGBoston,MA Mar 30th 1978

Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin For You (BOOTLEGNew York City,NY June 18th 1981

Blue Oyster Cult - Live & Alive Vol 1 (BOOTLEGNew York City,NY June 18th 1981

Blue Oyster Cult - Live & Alive Vol 2 (BOOTLEGNew York City,NY June 18th 1981
Blue Oyster Cult - Psychic Wars (2CDR/DVDR BOOTLEGNew Haven,CT Sep 20th 1981

Blue Oyster Cult - Nail You Down (CD BOOTLEG) Pasadena,CA 1983
Blue Oyster Cult - Rock And Roll Reapers (CD BOOTLEG) Pasadena,CA 1983
Blue Oyster Cult - Into The Crypts Of Rays (CD BOOTLEG) Los Angeles,CA 1986

Blue Oyster Cult - Live In Japan 1999 (2CDR BOOTLEG) Tokyo,Japan May 18th 1999

Blue Oyster Cult - Way Of The Cross (6CDR BOOTLEGAlto,CA Mar 3rd 1999 & Hanover Park,IL Sep 1st 2002 & Leeds,England Jun 3rd 2003

Blue Oyster Cult - The Longest Live (3CDR BOOTLEGHoboken,NJ Nov 16th 2008

Blues Brothers - The Definitive Collection

Blues Traveler - Travelogue Classics
Blues Traveler - Blues Traveler
Blues Traveler - Travelers & Thieves/ On Tour Forever (Limited 2 cd set)
Blues Traveler - Save His Soul
Blues Traveler - Hook
Blues Traveler - Straight On Till Morning
Blues Traveler - Live From The Fall (2cd set)
Blues Traveler - Run Around (Ep single)

Blues Traveler - Hook (Ep single)
Blues Traveler - Blues For The Mitten State (2CD BOOTLEG) Grand Rapids,MI May 2nd 1993
Bob Seger - Greatest Hits
Bob Seger - Ultimate Hits (2cd set)
Boston - Greatest Hits

Boston - Land Over Cleveland (CD BOOTLEGCleveland,OH Sep 27th 1976
Brain Surgeons - Malpractise
Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is
Bruce Hornsby - Scenes From The Southside
Bruce Hornsby - A Night On The Town
Bruce Hornsby - Live The Way It Is Tour 1986-87
Bruce Hornsby - Harbor Lights
Bruce Hornsby - Greatest Radio Hits

Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits (w/sticker)

Buckethead - Colma

Buckethead - Electric Tears 

Buckethead - Population Override

Buckethead - Electric Sea

Buckethead - Inbred Mountain 

Buckethead - Slaughterhouse On The Prairie 

Buckethead - A Real Diamond In The Rough 

Buckethead - Racks (Pike 8)

Buckethead - The Silent Picture Book (Pike 10)

Buckethead - Monument Valley (Pike 49)
California Breed - California Breed (Deluxe Editon cd/dvd set) 
Camel - Camel
Camel - Mirage
Camel - The Snow Goose
Camel - The Snow Goose (2cd Deluxe Edition)
Camel - Moonmadness
Camel - Moonmadness (2cd Deluxe Edition)
Camel - Breathless
Camel - Rain Dances
Camel - I Can See Your House From Here
Camel - Nude
Camel - Rajaz

Camel - A Nod And A Wink
Camel - A Live Record (2cd set)
Camel - On The Road 1972
Camel - Gods Of Light '73-'75 
Camel - On The Road 1982
Camel - Pressure Point (2cd set)
Camel - Never Let Go (2cd set)
Camel - Coming Of Age (2cd set)
Camel - The Paris Collection
Camel - Lunar Sea An Anthology 1973 - 1985
Camel - Reading '76 (CD BOOTLEG) England Aug 28th 1976
Camel - Moonrise (CD BOOTLEG) Finland Sep 20th 1976
Camel - Moon Dance (CD BOOTLEG) London,UK 1977

Camel - Day Dream (CD BOOTLEGSan Jose,CA  Feb 9th 1979
Camel - Nude In Hammersmith (2CD BOOTLEG) London Feb 27 1981
Camel - Crystal Moon  (3CD BOOTLEGPoland Apr 5th & Apr 6th 1997

Camel - Last Fantasy In USA 2003 (2CDR BOOTLEGAlexandria,WA Jun 30th 2003

Camel - Osaka 2016 (2CD BOOTLEGOsaka,JAPAN  May 18th 2016

Camel - Tokyo 2016 (2CD BOOTLEGTokyo,JAPAN  May 20th 2016

Cascus - Cascus (Ep)

Chicago - Greatest Hits 1982 - 1989
Chickenfoot - Chickenfoot (with bonus disc)
Christopher Cross - The Very Best Of

Chroma Key - Dead Air For Radios (Japanese cd pressing w/OBI)
Circle 2 Circle - Full Circle The Best Of
Cult - The Singles 1984 - 1995

Cyndi Lauper - The Essential 
Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees
Damn Yankees - Don't Tread
Dave Matthews Band - Winter Olympics 2002 (CD BOOTLEG) Salt Lake City,UT February 9th 2002
David Gilmour - David Gilmour

David Gilmour - Live In Gdansk (4 disc set 2cd 2dvd)

David Gilmour - Live At Pompeii
Deep Purple - The Very Best Of
Deep Purple - 20th Century Master The Best Of
Deep Purple - In Rock (Anniversary Edition)
Deep Purple - Fireball (25th Anniversary Edition)
Deep Purple - Made In Japan (21st Anniversary 3cd set)
Deep Purple - Machine Head (25th Anniversary 2cd set)
Deep Purple - Who Do We Think We Are (w/Bonus tracks)
Deep Purple - Burn
Deep Purple - Come Taste The Band (35th Anniversary 2cd set)
Deep Purple - Stormbringer (Metal Blade Pressing)
Deep Purple - Stormbringer (35 Anniversary 2 disc set 1cd/1dvd)
Deep Purple - California Jamming Live 1974
Deep Purple - MKIII The Final Concerts (2cd set)
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers Live (3 Disc Set 2cd/1dvd)
Def Leppard - High And Dry
Def Leppard - Mirror Ball (2cd set)
Diamond Head - Anthology :Am I Evil? (2cd set)
Dio - Holy Diver
Dio - Stand Up And Shout The Anthology (2cd set)
Dio - At Donington Uk : LIVE 1983 & 1987 (2cd set)
Dio - Finding  The Sacred Heart (2cd set)

Dire Straits - Dire Straits

Dire Straits - Communique

Dire Straits - Making Movies                                                        

Dire Straits - Alchemy Live

Dire Straits - Alchemy  (Russian pressing with bonus tracks)

Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Dire Straits - Love Over Gold

Dire Straits - On Every Street (1st pressing)

Dire Straits - On Every Street

Dire Straits - On The Night

Dire Straits - On The Night (w/sticker 2cd that holds encores single)

Dire Straits - Live At The BBC
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing

Dire Straits - The Very Best Of

Dire Straits - The Best Of (2cd set)

Dire Straits - Calling Elvis (3 track cd single)

Dire Straits - On Every Street (4 track cd single)

Dire Straits - A Shiver In The Dark  (2CD BOOTLEGNew York,NY Sep 11th 1979

Dire Straits - Koln 1979 (2CD-R BOOTLEGKoln,Germany  Feb 16&17 1979

Dire Straits - Live In Philadelphia 1979 (CD BOOTLEGUpper Darby,PA Mar 6th 1979

Dire Straits - Boarding Houses (2CD BOOTLEGSan Francisco,CA Mar 31st 1979 & Chester,UK Apr 18th 1978

Dire Straits - Once Upon A Time (CD BOOTLEG) Brussels,Belgium June 5th 1981

Dire Straits - News (CD BOOTLEGBrussels,Belgium June 5th 1981

Dire Straits - Werchter Festival  (CD-R BOOTLEGBrussels,Belgium June 5th 1981

Dire Straits - Like A Rolling River  ( 2CD BOOTLEGSheffield,UK Dec 1st 1982

Dire Straits - Goin' Home (CD BOOTLEG) London,UK 1983
Dire Straits - Texan Sunset (CD BOOTLEG) Houston,TX 1985
Dire Straits - American Tour 1985 (2CD BOOTLEG) Cuyahoga Falls,USA August 5th 1985

Dire Straits - Shatter All Expectations (2CD BOOTLEGCleveland,OH,USA August 5th 1985
Dire Straits - Singing Oldies And Goldies (2CD BOOTLEG) Cuyahoga Falls,USA August 5th 1985/Leeds,England January 30 1978 
Dire straits - Live In Sydney (2CD BOOTLEGSydney, Australia Apr 26th 1986

Dire Straits - Perfect Investigation (CD BOOTLEG) England June 18th 1986

Dire Straits - Strait To The Point (2CD BOOTLEGDublin,Ireland Aug 26th 1991

Dire Straits - On Every Dire Streets (2CD BOOTLEGBruxelles, Forest National Oct 2nd 1991
Dire Straits - On Every Street (2CD BOOTLEG) Basel July 5th 1992

Dire Straits - Live On Air 1992 (2cd set)
Dokken - The Very Best Of
Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (2cd set)
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos 
Dream Theater - Score (3cd set)
Dream Theater - Los Angeles,California Official Bootleg (2cd set)
Dream Theater - Listen To This Larz (CD BOOTLEG) New York,NY March 28th 2002

Dylan Donkin - Food For Thoughtlessness (UK EP)

Dylan Donkin - Food For Thoughtlessness

Dylan Donkin - Make A Choice (single)
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
Eagles - The Very Best Of (2cd set)
Eagle Eye Cherry - Desireless

Echobrain (see main page)

Edwin McCain - The Austin Sessions

Edwin McCain - Messenger

Electric Light Orchestra - The Essential (2cd set)
Engine - Engine
Engine - Superholic
Eric Clapton - The Best Of
Eric Clapton - The Cream Of Clapton
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Europe - 1982 to 1992                                                  
Fates Warning (see main page)
Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of (2cd set)

Flotsam And Jetsam - Doomsday For The Deceiver ( Restless/Metal Blade cat#72130-2)
Flotsam And Jetsam - Doomsday For The Deceiver  (20th Anniversary Edition 3 disc set)
Flotsam And Jetsam - No Place For Disgrace
Flotsam And Jetsam - No Place For Disgrace 2014
Focus - Live At The Rainbow
Focus - The Best Of Focus Hocus Pocus
Focus - Best Of Vol 2
Foghat - Fool For The City
Foghat - Live
Foghat - Live 2 (2cd set)
Foghat - Best Of
Foghat - Best Of Vol 2
Foreigner - Foreigner
Foreigner - Double Vision
Foreigner - 4
Foreigner - Complete Greatest Hits
Foreigner - Extended Versions

Frank Zappa - Mild Compression (2CD-R BOOTLEGPhoenix,AZ Oct 13th 1980 & Salt Lake City,UT Dec 3rd 1980
Futures End - Memoirs Of A Broken Man

Gary Moore - The Platinum Collection (3cd set)
Golden Earring - Moontan
Grand Funk Railroad - Greatest Hits
Grand Funk Railroad - Caught In The Act

Great White - Once Bitten
Great White - ...Twice Shy

Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion 1
Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion 1 (Germany pressing with F?!* OFF sticker)
Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion 2

Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy 
Guns N' Roses - Live Era '87-'93
Guns N' Roses - November Rain (single)

Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry (single w/sticker)
Guns N' Roses - Civil War (single)

Guns N' Roses - Sympathy For The Devil (single)
Guns N' Roses - Greatest Hits

Guns N' Roses - Silver Bullet (CD BOOTLEG) Los Angeles,CA 1988

Halford - Live Insurrection Remastered 

Headless - Melt The Ice Away 2016
Heart - The Essential (2cd set)
Heavy Blanket - Heavy Blanket
Hootie & The Blowfish - The Best of 1993 thru 2003
Icarus Witch - Rise
Iced Earth - The Dark Saga
Iced Earth - Tribute To The Gods
Iced Earth - Alive In Athens (2cd set)
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden (2cd set Castle Pressing with Bonus cd)
Iron Maiden - Killers (Castle Records)
Iron Maiden - Killers
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast (1cd Castle Pressing)

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast

Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind (1cd Castle Pressing)
Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind (2cd set Castle Pressing with Bonus cd)
Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind
Iron Maiden - Powerslave (2cd set Castle Pressing with Bonus cd)

Iron Maiden - Powerslave

Iron Maiden - Live After Death (2cd set) 
Iron Maiden - Live After Death (2cd set Castle Pressing with Bonus cd)                                     

Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time

Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time (2cd set Castle Pressing with Bonus cd)

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (2cd set)

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying

Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark

Iron Maiden - Live At Donington 

Iron Maiden - A Real Live Dead One (2cd set)

Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio (2cd set)
Iron Maiden - Brave New World (Japan Pressing with OBI and bonus stickers)

Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death

Iron Maiden - Death On The Road (2cd set)

Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death (1cd/1dvd set)
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls (2cd)

Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls (2cd book)

Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls Live Chapter (2cd)
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years/Stranger In A Strange Land (single)

Iron Maiden - Flight Of Icarus/Trooper (single)

Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyant/Infinite Dream (single)

Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness/The Evil That Men Do (single)

Iron Maiden - BBC Archives (2cd set)

Iron Maiden - Beast Over Hammersmith (2cd set)

Iron Maiden - Best Of The B'Sides (2cd set)

Iron Maiden - Invasion Of Rarities (CD BOOTLEG)

Iron Maiden - Wasted Tapes (CD BOOTLEG)

Iron Maiden - Rainbow Theatre 1980 (CD BOOTLEGLondon,England June 20th 1980 #260

Iron Maiden - Rainbow Theatre 1980 Final (CD BOOTLEGLondon,England June 21st 1980 #237

Iron Maiden - Metal For Muthas (CD BOOTLEGLondon,England June 20th 1980
Iron Maiden - Maiden Reading (CD BOOTLEG) England,August 23rd 1980,England August 28th 1982 & England 20th 1988

Iron Maiden - Phantom Of The Rainbow (CD BOOTLEGLondon UK,December 21 1980

Iron Maiden - ...Before The Exile! (CD BOOTLEG)

Iron Maiden - World Killer '81(6 CD-R BOOTLEG set)
Iron Maiden - Cross-Eyed Mary (CD BOOTLEG) Saarbrucken April 20th 1981
Iron Maiden - Killing Time (CD BOOTLEG) Holland,April 28th 1981
Iron Maiden - Phantom Killer (2CD BOOTLEG) Tokyo,Japan May 21th 1981                                                     
Iron Maiden - Another Live (CD BOOTLEG) Nagoya,Japan May 23rd 1981

Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan Vol 2 (2CD BOOTLEG) Nagoya,Japan May 23rd 1981

Iron Maiden - Live Killers (CD BOOTLEG) Tokyo,Japan May 24th 1981

Iron Maiden - Heavey Users Of Power (CD BOOTLEG) Tokyo,Japan May 24th 1981 

Iron Maiden - Definitive Live Killers (CD BOOTLEGTokyo,Japan May 24th 1981 evening show #155

Iron Maiden - Eddie's Summerfest (CD BOOTLEG) Milwaukee,WI June 26th 1981
Iron Maiden - Summerfestival (CD BOOTLEG) Milwaukee,WI June 26th 1981
Iron Maiden - Maiden America (CD BOOTLEG) Milwaukee,WI June 26th 1981
Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan (Fan Club Cd)
Iron Maiden - The Essential (2cd set)
Iron Maiden - Edward The Great (Greatest Hits w/Sticker on Front)
Iron Maiden - Best Of The Beast (w/Sticker on Front)
Iron Maiden - Best Of The Beast
James Taylor - Greatest Hits
James Taylor - Greatest Hits Vol 2
James Taylor - Live (2cd set)

Jefferson Airplane - High Flyin' Bird (CD BOOTLEGSalt Lake City,UT Oct 31 1967
Jethro Tull - Think As A Brick

Jethro Tull - Aqualung
Jethro Tull - Under Wraps
Jethro Tull - Original Masters
Jim Matheos - First Impressions
Jim Matheos - First Impressions (Germany pressing with Fates Warning sticker)

Jim Matheos - Away With Words

Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix Best Of

John Arch - A Twist Of Fate
Journey - Journey
Journey - Look Into The Future

Journey - Next

Journey - Captured (1st pressing)
Journey - Frontiers
Journey - Live In Houston 1981 Escape Tour

Journey - Greatest Hits Live

Journey - The Essential (2cd set)

Journey - Trial By Fire
Journey - When You Love A Woman (single)

Journey - Original Cut (CD BOOTLEGFrankfurt,GERMANY Nov 26th 1976

Journey - Live At The Cow Palace San Francisco,CA Dec 31 1977
Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny
Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny (Digipack)
Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather (w/2 bonus tracks)

Judas Priest - British Steel (30th Anniversary 2 Disc set)
Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance (20th Anniversary 2 Disc set)

Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith (30th Anniversary 3 Disc set)
Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East
Judas Priest - The Essential (2cd set) 

Judas Priest - Metalogy Sampler

Judas Priest - Reading Rock '75 (CD/DVD BOOTLEGReading Festival,UK Aug 22nd 1975
Kansas - Point Of Know Return

Kansas - Leftoverture (2 Bonus tracks)
Kansas - The Essential  (3cd set)
Ken Block - Drift
Kiss - Kiss

Kiss - The Very Best Of

Kiss - The Very Best Of Volume 2

Kiss - Alive 2 (2cd set)
Kiss - Sonic Boom (3 disc set 2cd/dvd)
Led Zeppelin - IV

Led Zeppelin - House Of The Holy

Led Zeppelin - Early Days

Led Zeppelin - Latter Days

Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions (2cd set)

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same (2cd set)
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day (3 disc set 2cd/1blu ray)
Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused In Salt Lake City (2CD BOOTLEG) Salt Lake City,UT May 26th 1973
Lizzy Borden - Best Of

Lotus - Germination 

Lotus - The Strength Of Weak Ties
Lotus - Hammerstrike (digipack)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd
Lynyrd Skynyrd - All Time Greatest Hits
Marillion - The Best Of
Mark Knopfler - Sailing To Philadelphia

Mark Knopfler - The Ragpickers Dream (Limited Edition 2cd set)
Mark Knopfler - Shangri - La
Mark Knopfler - Kill To Get Crimson

Matchbox 20 - Yourself Or Someone Like You

Matchbox 20 - Mad Season

Matchbox 20 - More Than You Think You Are

Matchbox 20 - Exile On Mainstream
Matchbox 20 - North

Matchbox 20 - Ep

Matchbox 20 - Back 2 Good (single)

Matchbox 20 - Push (card single)

Matchbox 20 - Real World (single)                                                   

Matchbox 20 - 3 am (single)

Matchbox 20 - Bent (single)

Matchbox 20 - Disease (single)

Matchbox 20 - Unwell (single)

Meat Loaf - Hits Out Of Hell
Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction (japan pressing)
Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction (20th Anniversary 2cd Boxset)
Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction Live
Megadeth - Youthanasia
Megadeth - Cryptic Writings
Megadeth - Greatest Hits
Megadeth - Hidden Treasures (ep)
Megadeth - Symphony Of Destruction (single)
Megadeth - Sweating Bullets (single)
Megadeth - Train Of Consequences (single)

Men at work - The Essential
Michael Abdow - Life Symbolic

Michael Abdow - E.S.O
Michael Jackson - The Essential (2cd set)

Midnight Oil - Diesel And Dust

Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mining

Midnight Oil - Earth And Sun And Moon (w/sticker)
Midnight Oil - 20,000 Watt R.S.L (w/sticker)

Midnight Oil - My County (cd single)
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield - Amarok
Mike Oldfield - Voyager

Mike Oldfield - Return To Ommadawn
Mike Oldfield - The Best Of Elements
Mike & The Mechanics - Mike & The Mechanics

Mike & The Mechanics - Living Years
Mike & The Mechanics - Rewired & The Hits (2cd)
Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog
Nazareth - The Singles (2cd set)
Newsted - Metal (Ep)
Newsted - Heavy Metal Music

Newsted - Heavy Metal Music (Limited Deluxe w/ DVD)

OSI - Office Of Strategic Influence 

OSI - Office Of Strategic Influence (Limited 2cd set)

OSI - Free

OSI - Re:Free

OSI - Blood (2cd set)
OSI - Fire Make Thunder
Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz (2011 Remastered w 3 Bonus Tracks)

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon (Original cd pressing)
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon ( 2 Bonus Tracks)

Ozzy Osbourne - Speak Of The Devil (1995 remastered)
Ozzy Osbourne - Tribute
Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears (2 Bonus Tracks)

Ozzy Osbourne - The Essential (2cd set)

Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Paranoia (CD BOOTLEG) Salt Lake City,UT March 18th 1984
Ozzy Osbourne - Let's Get Crazy (2CD BOOTLEG) Salt Lake City,UT March 18th 1984 & Kansas City,MI 1986

Page & Plant - Delta Blues  (2CD BOOTLEG) Salt Lake City,UT October 10th 1995
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell (20th Anniversary 2cd set)
Pat Travers - The Best Of                                 
Paul DiAnno & Killers - South American Assault - Live
Peter Cetera - Solitude/Solitaire
Peter Cetera - Live In Salt Lake City
Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive! (2cd set)
Peter Frampton - Live In Detroit
Peter Frampton - The Best Of
Peter Frampton - The Very Best Of
Peter Gabriel - So (25th Anniversary 3cd set)
Phil Collins - ...Hits
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon (Experience Edition 2cd set)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Experience Edition 2cd set)
Pink Floyd - Animals
Pink Floyd - The Wall (2cd set)
Pink Floyd - The Wall Live (2cd set)
Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder (2cd set)
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
Pink Floyd - The Endless River (cd/blu ray set) new
Pink Floyd - Pulse (2cd set)
Pink Floyd - Echoes The Best Of Pink Floyd (2cd set)

Pink Floyd - Charade  (2CD BOOTLEGParis,FRANCE  Feb 25th 2977

Pink Floyd - Oaklands (5CD BOOTLEGOakland,CA May 9th 1977 & May 10th 1977
Pink Floyd - Prog King  (2CD BOOTLEGNYC,NY July 2nd 1977

Pink Floyd - Pigs Might Fly? (2CD BOOTLEGNYC,NY July 3th 1977

Pink Floyd - Holiday Dogs (2CD BOOTLEGNYC,NY July 4th 1977

Pink Floyd - The Live Bell (2CD BOOTLEGMiami,FL Mar 30 1994

Pink Floyd - For Whom The Bell Tolls (2CD BOOTLEGSan Diego,CA Apr 14th 1994

Pink Floyd - The 1994 West Coast Trip  (2CD BOOTLEGOakland,CA Apr 20th 1994

Pink Floyd - The Bell Gets Louder (2CD BOOTLEGBronx,NY July 11th 1994

Pink Floyd - The Giants At The Giants  (2CD BOOTLEGEast Rutherford,NJ July 17th 1994

Porcuptine Tree - In Absentia
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet (Digibook)
Porcupine Tree - The Incident (2cd set)
Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted (2cd set)
Powerman 5000 - Tonight The Stars Revolt
Powerman 5000 - Transform
Powerman 5000 - Relax (single)
Primus - They Can't All Be Zingers (2cd set)
Prodigy - The Fat Of The Land
Prodigy - Firestarter (single)
Queen - Live At Wembley '86 (2cd set)
Queen - The Platinum Collection (3cd set)
Queensryche - Queensryche (Remastered)
Queensryche - Operation:Mindcrime (Remastered)
Queensryche - Empire (20th Anniversary 2cd Boxset)
Queensryche - Live Evolution (2cd set)
Queensryche - Greatest Hits
Quiet Riot  - Metal Health
Quiet Riot - Live At The US Festival 1983 (1cd/1dvd set)
Radiohead - The Best Of 
Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine (20th Anniversary) 
Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire
Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles                                                      
Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow:The Anthology (2cd set)
Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Rainbow - Rising
Rainbow - Long Live Rock N Roll
Rainbow - Down To Earth (2cd Expanded Edition)

Rainbow - On Stage

Ramones - Greatest Hits
Redemption - The Fullness Of Time
Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin
Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin (Japan Pressing)
Redemption - Snowfall On Judgement Day
Redemption - Snowfall On Judgement Day (Germany Pressing with sticker)
Redemption - This Mortal Coil (2cd set)
Redemption - Frozen In The Moment (cd/dvd combo)

Redemption - The Art Of Loss 2016

Redemption - The Art Of Loss (2cd European set)
Redemption - Live From The Pit (cd/dvd combo) 

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits And Videos (2 disc set)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication (single)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside (single)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Fortune Faded (single)

Reo Speedwagon - The Essentials (3cd set)

Reo Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You (CD BOOTLEG)Tokyo,JAPAN Sep 29th 1981
Riot - Fire Down Under
Riot - Thunder Steel   
Rob Zombie - Past,Presant & Future (2 disc set 1cd/1dvd)
Rolling Stones - Bigger Bang
Rolling Stones - Live Licks (2cd set)                                      
Rush - Rush
Rush - Fly By Night
Rush - Caress Of Steel
Rush - 2112
Rush - All the World's A Stage
Rush - A Farewell To Kings
Rush - Hemispheres
Rush - Moving Pictures (2 disc Deluxe Edition cd/Blu-ray)
Rush - Permanent Waves
Rush - Exit...Stage Left
Rush - Live In Cleveland Time Machine 2011 (2cd set)
Rush - Clockwork Angels
Rush - Clockwork Angels Tour (2cd set)
Rush - Retrospective 1974 - 1980
Rush - ABC 1974
Rush - Chronicles (Japanese 2cd set No OBI)
Santana - All That I Am
Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King
Savatage - Ghost In The Ruins (digipack)
Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes
Scorpions - Lovedrive
Scorpions - Black Out
Scorpions - Love At First Sting

Scorpions - World Wide Live

Scorpions - Live Bites

Scorpions - Acoustica

Scorpions - Moment Of Glory                                              
Scorpions - Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years (2cd set)
Scorpions - Gold (2cd set)
Seals & Crofts - Greatest Hits

Shinedown - Leave A Whisper

Shinedown - Us And Them

Shinedown - Us And Them  (Boxset)

Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness (Fan Club Edition)
Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness (2 Disc set cd/dvd)
Shinedown - Amaryllis
Shinedown - Somewhere In The Stratosphere (4 disc set 2cd/2dvd boxset)

Shinedown - Carried Away (1 track single card case)

Sister Hazel (see main page)

Smashing Pumpkins - Greatest Hits (2cd set)

Starship - We Built This City
Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits 1974-79
Sting & The Police - The Best Of
Styx - Grand Illusion
Styx - Gold (2cd set)
Styx - The Grand Illusion & Pieces Of Eight LIVE (2cd set)
Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis?
Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound
Supertramp - The Supertramp Anthology (2cd set)
Survivor - Ultimate
Symbolic - Continuum
Symbolic - Nevertime
Symbolic - Xenatopia
Symbolic - Disconnected
Syrus - Syrus (2cd set limited of 1000 copies)
Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent - The Best Of Ted Nugent Great Gonzos!
Ted Nugent - Live At Hammersmith '79

Tenacious D - Wonderboy (3 track single)

Thin Lizzy - The Definitive Collection
Thin LIzzy - Live And Dangerous
Thunder - The Best Of Their Finest Hour (and a bit)

Thunder - Shelter From The Storm  (CD BOOTLEGDonington,ENGLAND Aug 22nd 1992
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits

Tool - Lateralus                                                                    
Tool - 10,000
Toto - Past To Present 1977-1990
38 Special - Anthology (2cd set)
3 Doors Down - The Better Life

3 Doors Down - The Better Life (bonus tracks)

3 Doors Down - Away From The Sun (bonus tracks)

3 Doors Down - Away From The Sun (bonus dvd)

3 Doors Down - Away From The Sun (Signed)

3 Doors Down - Seventeen Days

3 Doors Down - Seventeen Days (bonus tracks)

3 Doors Down - 3 Doors Down
3 Doors Down - Time Of My Life (2 disc set 1cd 1dvd)
3 Doors Down - Greatest Hits

3 Doors Down - A Six Pack Of Hits

3 Doors Down - Another Too Miles

3 Doors Down - Acoustic Ep
Triumph - Rock & Roll Machine
Triumph - Just A Game
Triumph - Progressions Of Power
Triumph - Allied Forces
Triumph - Live At The US Festival
Triumph - Live At Sweden Rock Festival (2 disc set cd/dvd)
Triumph - Greatest Hits Remixed (2 disc set cd/dvd)
UFO - Flying The Early Years 1970 - 1973
UFO - Phenomenon
UFO - Force It
UFO - No Heavy Petting
UFO - Lights Out 
UFO - Obsession                                                              
UFO - Strangers In The Night
UFO - The Best Of UFO
UFO - Showtime (2cd set)

UFO - Lost On The Action Tape (CD BOOTLEGLos Angeles,CA  May 3rd 1976

UFO - Live Throughout The Years (4cd boxset)London,UK Apr 25 1976,London,UK Jan 28 1982 & Austria 1998 shows 

UFO - Live On Earth (4cd boxset)Austria Jan 28th 1998,Cleveland,OH July 1977 & Cincinatti,OH Aug 31st 1995 shows

UFO - Frankfurt Special (2CD BOOTLEGFrankfurt,GERMANY Dec 16th 1994

UFO - Re-Flyin' (2CD BOOTLEGTokyo,Japan June 1994

UFO - Michael Rides Again (3CD BOOTLEGBelugium Nov 23rd & Holland Nov 25th 1997

Uli Jon Roth - Scorpions Revisited 
Uriah Heep - Live
Uriah Heep - The Ultimate Collection (2cd set)
U2 - Please (single)
Van Halen - Van Halen
Van Halen - Best Of Volume 1

Warlord - Best Of Warlord

Who - Who’s Next (16 tracks bonus)
Who Cares - Out Of Mind/Holy Water
Yngwie J Malmsteen - Rising Force
Yngwie J Malmsteen - The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection


Other Cds

Best Of Wacken Open Air 10 Years Louder Than Hell (2cd set)

Holy Dio (A Tribute Ronnie James Dio 2cd set JAPANESE w/Obi)

666 The Number One Beast (A Tribute To Iron Maiden)

King Biscuit Best Of The Best

Legends Of Metal (A Tribute To Judas Priest)

Metal Blade Records 20th Anniversary (10 disc Boxset)

Metal Blade Records 30th Anniversary Sampler 1982-2012 (2cd set)

Metal Massacre

The Metal Years Preogressive Metal

Woodstock 94

Woodstock 99

Working Man (A Tribute To RUSH)




Dr.Dre The Chronic

Dr.Dre Chronic 2001

Nate Dogg G Funk Classics Vol 1 & 2

Nate Dogg Music & Me

Nate Dogg Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted (single)

Naughty By Nature Nature's Finest

Warran G I Want It All

Warran G Havin Things (single)

                                          VINYL (108)

ACCEPT - Restless & Wild

AC/DC - For Those About To Rock  (Promo w/Atlantic Record sticker on front)

AC/DC - Let There Be Blood (LP BOOTLEG) New York,NY Aug 24th 1977

AC/DC - Capital Of Sin (LP BOOTLEGAmsterdam,Holland Dec 11th 1979

ALAN PARSONS PROJECT - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination








APRIL WINE - First Glance

APRIL WINE - The Nature Of The Beast

APRIL WINE - Harder Faster

APRIL WINE - The Best Of April Wine Rock Ballads

APRIL WINE - Review Preview (Promo)


ARMORED SAINT - Delirious Nomad

ASIA - Asia (In shrink with white hype sticker)

BLACKFOOT - Highway Song Live


BLUE OYSTER CULT - On Your Feet Or On Your Knees

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Some Enchanted Evening (missing inlay)



BLUE OYSTER CULT - Fire Of Unknown Origin

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Extraterrestrial Live

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Extraterrestrial Live (with red hype sticker taped on)

BLUE OYSTER CULT - The Revolution By Night

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Club Ninja (In shrink)

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Rarities Vol 1 (Limited to 1000 copies on white vinyl)

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Roadhouse Blues (Live promo)

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Godzilla Live


BLUE OYSTER CULT - Still Kicking (LP BOOTLEGLondon,England Aug 19&20 1981

BOB SEGER - Stranger In Town

BOSTON - Boston

BUCKETHEAD - Population Override 

BUCKETHEAD - Crime Slunk Scene

BUCKETHEAD - A Real Diamond In The Rough

BUCKETHEAD - Shadows Between The Sky

CAMEL - Moonmadness 

CAMEL - Rain Dances (In shrink)

CHRISTOPHER CROSS - Christopher Cross

DEEP PURPLE - Knocking At Your Back Door (single w/son of alerik)

DIRE STRAITS - Dire Straits 

DIRE STRAITS - Communique (In shrink)

DIRE STRAITS - Brothers In Arms

DIRE STRAITS - Love Over Gold (In shrink)

DIRE STRAITS - On Every Street 

DIRE STRAITS - Alchemy Live

DIRE STRAITS - Brother In Arms (extended version ep)

DIRE STRAITS - So Far Away (extended version ep)

ECHOBRAIN - Echobrain


FOREIGNER - Double Vision (In shrink with blue hype sticker)

FOREIGNER - Head Games (In shrink with green hype sticker)


FOREIGNER - Agent Provocateur 


IRON MAIDEN - Iron Maiden


IRON MAIDEN - The Number Of The Beast (original)

IRON MAIDEN - Maiden Japan (Live EP)

IRON MAIDEN - 2 Minutes To Midnight (12' Single)

IRON MAIDEN - 1978-1980 Classic Studio Tracks (LP BOOTLEG

IRON MAIDEN - Killers (2LP BOOTLEG) Tokyo,JAPAN May 25th 1981

JOURNEY - Journey 

JOURNEY - Look Into The Future

JOURNEY - Next (In shrink)

JOURNEY - Escape 

JOURNEY - Frontiers

JOURNEY - In The Beginning 1975-1977

JUDAS PRIEST - Sad Wings Of Destiny 

KANSAS - Leftoverture

MATCHBOX 20 - Yourself Or Someone Like You (20th anniversary red vinyl)

MEN AT WORK - Business As Usual 

MIKE OLDFIELD - Tubular Bells (w/shrink and sticker on front)

MIKE & THE MECHANICS - Mike & The Mechanics

NEWSTED - Heavy Metal Music

OZZY OSBOURNE - The Other Side Of Ozzy Osbourne  (LP BOOTLEGSalt Lake City,UT  Mar 18th 1984

OZZY OSBOURNE - Ossy Dries Out (2LP BOOTLEGSalt Lake City,UT  Mar 18th 1984

PETER FRAMPTON - Frampton Comes Alive

PINK FLOYD - Animals

PINK FLOYD - The Division Bell

PINK FLOYD - Wish Animals Were Here (The Studio Outtakes) (2LP BOOTLEG)


POLICE - Synchronicity 

RAINBOW - Long Live Rock N Roll

RAINBOW - Live In Munich 1977 (Red vinyl)

REDEMPTION - The Origins Of Ruin

REDEMPTION - Snowfall On Judgement Day

RUSH - A Farewell To Kings

RUSH - Hemispheres (Picture Disc)

RUSH - Cygnus X-1 (EP)

SCORPIONS - Best Of 🦂 

SEALS & CROFT - Greatest Hits

SEALS & CROFT - Greatest Hits (In shrink)

STYX - The Grand Illusion (In shrink with hype sticker)

SUPERTRAMP - Crime Of The Century

SUPERTRAMP - ...Famous Last Words...

SUPERTRAMP - Brother Where You Bound

SURVIVOR - Eye Of The Tiger (with sticker)

THUNDER - Love Walked In (Picture Disc)


TRIUMPH - Stages (live double lp)

UFO - Lights Out (In shrink)

UFO - Obsession (In shrink)


APRIL WINE - You Could Have Been A Lady (w/Bad Side Of The Moon)

APRIL WINE - Roller (w/Right Down To It)

APRIL WINE - Sign Of The Gypsy Queen (w/crash And Burn)

APRIL WINE - Sign Of The Gypsy Queen (different cover)

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Dancin' In The Ruins (w/shadow warrior)

IRON MAIDEN - Running Free 

IRON MAIDEN - Running Free (Different cover)

IRON MAIDEN - Purgatory 

IRON MAIDEN - Run To The Hills 

QUIET RIOT - Metal Heath (4 track tour edition)

STARSHIP - It's Not Over Til It's Over 

SUPERTRAMP - I'm Beggin' You (w/no inbetween)


AC/DC - Live At River Plate
RUSH - Time Machine Live In Cleveland
AC/DC - Live At Donnington
AC/DC - No Bull
AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip Live
APRIL WINE - Live In London
BLUE OYSTER CULT - A Long Day's Night
CAMEL - Moondances

CAMEL - Coming Of Age

CAMEL - Ichigo Ichie Live In Japan 2016
DIRE STRAITS - Alchemy Live
DIRE STRAITS - Sultans Of Swing

DIRE STRAITS - Rockpalast 1979 (Germany feb 15 1979)
GUN'S N' ROSES - Use Your Illusion I
GUN'S N' ROSES - Use Your Illunsion II
IRON MAIDEN - The Early Days
JAMES TAYLOR - Live At The Beacon Theatre
MATCHBOX TWENTY - Storytellers
RAINBOW - Live In Munich 1977
REDEMPTION - Frozen In The Moment
SCORPIONS - Moment Of Glory
SHINEDOWN - Live From The Inside
SISTER HAZEL - A Life In The Day
TRIUMPH - Live At The US Festival
Ac/dc - Bisexual (2CD BOOTLEG)

UFO - Frankfurt Special (2CD BOOTLEG)