Ashen Stars roleplaying every Tuesday night in Bend, OR. 


Before the war, the Combine was a Utopian star spanning civilization. Everyone's needs were met, everything was well, shiny.

Before the war, people used to call the Combine Fleet when a problem proved too tough, too baffling, or simply too weird to handle on their own.

Now that the war is over, things have changed. Mostly for the worse. Planets rendered uninhabitable. The fleet in tatters. The Combine has pulled back to it's devastated core and started the long road toward rebuilding.

Leaving the outer worlds pretty much on their own.

The player characters are loosely organized freelancers who are licensed to perform the services the fleet once did. Save worlds, rescue stranded starships, deal with alien threats. Dispense justice.

And charge for their services. After all, the PCs have a starship to maintain, equipment to upgrade, and and toys to buy.

In this game we'll regularly steal tropes from Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, BSG, and all the rest.

The rules (Ashen Stars) are relatively simple, the emphasis will be on roleplaying and shared story telling. Players will get to create their own personal subplots for their character, and contribute to the cannon for our campaign.

There is an adventure at the end of the rulebook. It's fine to read that, as I won't be running it. It's a good adventure, but I thought letting you read it would give your some flavor of the world.

We have 3 players and would like 1 - 4 more. While my wife is not a gamer, I know there are women gamers out there, please come and join us. Couples welcome too!

Our first game was a 30 min. demo adventure w/ pregens, then we did our real character creation. If you want to join, I can make a pre-gen character for you, or we can make one over email or in person before the next game.

You can find the short demo we ran, Stowaway, on the Files & Links page.

Character Creation

GM chapter, including an example of play.