What is the Menno Haven Model Yacht Club (MHMYC)

The MHMYC is a remote controlled model sailboat association formed to promote r/c model sailboating.  Club membership is open to all with similar interests.  

What We Do

Where we sail: We have two venues at Menno Haven in south central Pennsylvania in the borough of Chambersburg.  Friendship Pond, the smaller of the two, is located at  Menno Village in Brookview.   The larger is Reflection Lake at Chambers Pointe. 

When we sail:  The regularly scheduled dates are on the left sidebar.  Wednesday afternoon sailing is at Friendship Pond, formal start time is 1:30pm.  Saturday Racing Days formal start time is 10:00 am and will be at Friendship Pond until the staircase and boat landing are completed at Reflection Lake, Chambers Pointe.  

Policy:  Assistance will be gladly given to anyone who might have difficulty launching/recovering their boat.  We want everyone who wants to sail to be able to do it.   Menno Haven is a non-smoking facility.  If you stop by to watch you will almost certainly be offered a transmitter so you can give it a try.  Free classes and tutoring are also available.