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These lists and articles organize mobile apps 
by grade-level skills and school subjects.

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Great ListsDescription
Great ListsDescription
100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better  
10 Good Ways to Integrate Mobile Phones into the Classroom 10 Good Ways to Integrate Mobile Phones into the Classroom 
20 Best Apps for Productivity  
Appetic APPitic is a directory of apps for education by Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) to help you transform teaching and learning. 
Bloomin' Apps Kathy Shrock's app suggestions for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy  
Edudemic's 70 Best Apps for Teachers & Students  
Google spreadsheet of grade-level apps Apps organized according to grade-level skills 
iPads in School (Diigo Livebinder)  
iPhone/IPT apps for Education Apps organized by school subject 
Livebinder of iPod Use in Education How & why to use mobile devices in education, as wells as apps organized by school subject 
Teachers with Apps Apps organized by subject and grade level 
Top 100 Tools for Learning  
Top Apps in Education Most popular education apps organized by country 
Showing 14 items