Services and Fees

Specialties and Interests:

  • Anxiety and Depression: when concentration gets affected due to excessive worry or sad feelings that won't go away

  • Adjustment Difficulties: new school, new job, new immigrants, newly relocated

  • Life Transitions: marriage, pregnancy, parenthood, empty nest, retirement, elder care

  • Childhood Issues: school-related issues

  • Parenting Issues: young children, middle schoolers, teens, young adults

  • Couples Relationship Problems

    • Separation and Divorce

    • Blended Families

    • Domestic Violence (survivors)

  • Cross-Cultural Issues: acculturation, the first or second generation immigrant experience

  • Family Conflict: balancing different expectations and relationships

  • Premarital Counseling: a fixed number of sessions to discuss potential hot button issues in an upcoming married relationship

  • Loss of a Loved One: coping with grief

  • Health Conditions (that have an emotional component): infertility, cancer, menopause etc.


  • Individual counseling for adults and teens

  • Couples counseling

  • Family sessions

  • Play therapy for young children

  • Support groups


The fee per 50 minute session is $140. For family or group sessions the fee will be different.


I am an out-of-network provider. I can provide you with a monthly statement for insurance reimbursement.

A few questions to ask your insurance:

  • Does my policy include a mental health benefit?

  • Does my policy cover out-of-network MFTs?

  • How many sessions are covered annually?

  • How much does my policy pay? Is there a co-pay I will have to make?