User Experience - Content Strategy - Copywriting

Socially conscious strategies that make an integral difference to your business.

I have spent the past 20 years working with businesses to help them create customer experiences, interactive media  and communication strategies that reflect their corporate values and business objectives.
I work with clients to create and implement copy that clearly communicates the core values of the brand. I advocate for a simple yet elegant User Experience that resonates with the customers needs as well as the company's vision.  I also have in depth and unique training in the field of consciousness studies and social ethics to help you clarify and implement your corporate mission. I bring my skills of professional coaching and performance enhancement to help apply these values holistically throughout the company through cohesive team building and group collaboration.

I am particularly interested in working with businesses that make a difference. Whether this is through sustainable business practices, socially responsible business modeling or simply becoming more aware of your office footprint, I will help you articulate and express the intention that you set as a company.

Together we can create a solid creative strategy fueled by your vision for making a difference.