Invitation to membership in The Order of the First Families of Maryland is extended by the Governing Council to individuals eighteen years of age or older, of good moral character and respectable standing in society, who are acceptable to The Order and have a verifiable, lineal descent from either:

(1) Sir George Calvert, The First Lord Baltimore, who was granted the Palatinate of Maryland by King Charles I of England, or (2) an ancestor who aided in the establishment of the Palatinate of Maryland or who was an office holder, real property owner or resident in Maryland prior to December 31, 1734. (NOTE: Those members admitted prior to July 1, 2005, when the ancestor cutoff date was July 4, 1776, will continue to be in good standing, and their relatives who are the member’s second cousins or closer and are lineal descendants of that original ancestor will remain eligible for admission to the Order on the basis of that original ancestor.)Benefits of Membership

Eldon Lee White Memorial Scholarship Fund

National Debutante Cotillion -- Female relatives of members of The Society may be proposed to the Council as candidates for the National Debutante Cotillion and Ball. They must meet certain requirements before being proposed to the Council.

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Certificates and Insignia

Membership certificates personalized with the member's name and the name of the qualifying ancestor are available for $20.00 plus $4.60 for Priority Mail shipping.

Gold-colored metal emblems are available in two sizes: 5/8" ($12.00) and 1 1/4" ($14.00) and lapel pins ($10.00). Members of the Governing Council, Deputy Governor Generals, and State Governors are authorized to wear the badge suspended from a neck ribbon which costs $8.00. A Priority Mail shipping charge of $4.60 per order applies.

Members may send orders with check payable to “The Order of the First Families of Maryland” to:

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Forde, Insignia Chairman, P. O. Box 598, Hempstead, TX 77445.


Current members represent the following ancestors. Shown for reference are the counties in and years by which each first settled in Maryland.

Robert Abell (St. Mary's Co., 1650)

John Baldwin Adamson (Prince George’s Co., 1726)

James Alexander (Somerset Co., 1678)

Joseph Alexander (Cecil Co., 1715)

Samuel Alexander (Cecil Co., 1714)

Thomas Allanson (Charles Co., 1663)

Rodham Allen (Charles Co., 1742*)

Hugh Allison Sr. (Baltimore Co., 1767*)

William Anderson (Anne ArundelCo., 1670)

Susanna Asfordby (Prince George’s Co., 1731)

George Athey (Calvert Co., 1668)

Dr. Luke Barber (St. Mary's Co., 1654)

Joseph Bardell (Baltimore Co., 1755*)

Ninian Beall (Calvert Co. , 1652)

Hnery Bennington (Baltimore Co. 1700)

Francis Billingsley (Calvert Co., 1650)

Robert Birchfield Sr. (Baltimore Co., 1710)

Benjamin Brashear (Calvert Co. 1664)

Isaiah Bredell (Somerset Co., 1710)

Dr. John Briscoe (St. Mary’s Co., 1634)

Robert Brooke (Calvert Co., 1655)

Edward Brown (Baltimore Co. 1734)

Gustavus Brown (Charles Co. 1708)

William Burgess (Anne Arundel Co., 1650)

John Byrn (Calvert Co., 1720)

Sir George Calvert, First Lord Baltimore (St. Mary's Co., 1647)

Leonard Calvert (St. Mary's Co., 1633/4)

Edmund Cartledge (Frederick Co., 1733)

Richard Caswell (Baltimore Co., 1712)

William Cecil (Prince George’s Co., 1665)

John Chaires (Somerset Co., 1666)

John Chew (Calvert Co., 1649)

Capt. Thomas Claggett (Calvert Co., 1674)

Robert Clarke, Surveyor General (St. Mary's Co., 1638)

Anders Clementsson (Cecil Co., 1661)

William Coale (Anne Arundel Co. 1667)

St. Ledger Codd (Cecil Co.. 1688)

Jane Corbin (Baltimore Co., 1746*)

William Crabtree (Baltimore Co., 1706)

Donnack Dennis (Somerset Co., 1673)

John Dent (St. Mary's Co., 1679)

Thomas Dent Esq. (St. Mary's Co., 1660)

Michael Disharoon (Somerset Co., 1690)

James Ditto (Baltimore Co., 1712)

Col. Edward Dorsey Sr. (Anne Arundel Co., 1650)

Col. John Douglas (Charles Co., 1659)

John Douthit Sr. (Prince George’s Co., 1733)

David Dryden (Somerset Co., 1689)

Mareen Duvall (Anne Arundel Co., 1658)

William Elder (Prince George's Co., 1707)

John Estep (Anne Arundel Co., 1738*)

Mrs. Mary Estep (Anne Arundel Co., 1730)

Samuel Estep (Frederick Co., 1760*)

Thomas Estep Sr. (Anne Arundel Co., 1730)

James Ferrell (Talbot Co., 1730)

Guy Fitch (Calvert Co. 1674)

Loyd Ford Jr. (Baltimore Co., 1748*)

Thomas Ford (Baltimore Co., 1652)

Jean Henri Fortineaux (Frederick Co., 1730)

Col. Gerard Fowke (Charles Co., 1662)

Richard Gardiner (St. Mary's Co., 1650)

Nicholas Gassaway (Anne Arundel Co., 1649)

Capt. James Givan Sr. (Somerset Co., 1687)

Robert Goldsborough (Dorchester Co., 1761)

Col. Nicholas Greenberry (Anne Arundel Co., 1693)

Thomas Greenfield (Baltimore Co., 1678)

James Greer (Baltimore Co. 1687)

William Griffith (Anne Arundel Co., 1675)

Elias Harding (Frederick Co., 1728)

Nicholas Harvey (St. Mary's Co., 1635)

Joseph Hawkins (Anne Arundel Co., 1665)

Augustine Hermann (Cecil Co., 1661)

William Hitchcock (Baltimore Co., 1716)

Anthony Holland (Anne Arundel Co. 1650)

George Hollingsworth (Cecil Co., 1712)

Owen Humphrey (Frederick Co., 1755*)

Lt. Col. John Jarboe (St. Mary's Co., 1648)

Capt. Griffith/Griffin Johnson (Anne Arundel Co., 1734)

William Johnson (St. Mary’s Co., 1668)

Henry Keedy Sr. (Frederick Co., 1755*)

Robert Lambden (Talbot Co., 1663)

Corbin Lane (Baltimore Co., 1750*)

Dutton Lane (Anne Arundel Co., 1670)

Samuel Lane (Anne Arundel Co., 1670)

Samuel Lane (Baltimore Co., 1736*)

John Lewgar Sr. (Charles Co., 1628)

Thomas Linthicum Sr. (Anne Arundel Co., 1658)

John Lovelace (Charles Co., 1689)

Samuel Luckett (Charles Co. 1674)

Lazarus Maddox (Somerset Co. 1692)

John Manley (Cecil Co., 1712)

Henry Maynard (Anne Arundel Co., 1702)

John Medley (St. Mary's Co., 1637)

Robert Middleton (Charles Co., 1672)

Mary Miller (Anne Arundel Co., 1732)

Richard Minshall (Somerset Co., 1666)

James Moore (Prince George’s Co., 1697)

James Mulikin (Dorchester Co. 1664)

Pierce Noland (Charles Co., 1688)

Thomas Norris (St. Mary’s Co. 1639)

Gov. Samuel Ogle (Anne Arundel Co., 1731)

Richard Owens (Baltimore Co., 1650)

Thomas Pattison (Dorchester Co. 1688)

Thomas Payne (St. Mary’s Co. 1664)

John Phillips (Cecil Co., 1734)

Thomas Plummer (Anne Arundel Co. 1667)

Thomas Prather (Calvert Co. 1673)

Benjamin Ricaud (Kent Co. 1674)

Robert Richardson (Somerset Co. 1666)

Henry Ridgely (Anne Arundel Co., 1661)

William Robinson (Baltimore Co., 1706)

Nicholas Rogers (Baltimore Co. 1688)

James Ruark (Worcester Co., 1703)

William Sample (Kent Co., 1653)

John Sappington (Anne Arundel Co., 1698)

George Scroggins (Charles Co. 1665)

Henry Sewell (secretary to Lord Baltimore) (Talbot Co., 1665)

William Sherrill (Cecil Co., 1702)

Adam Shipley (Anne Arundel Co., 1668)

Abraham Short (Anne Arundel Co. 1706)

Isaac Short (Anne Arundel Co., 1739*)

John Short (Anne Arundel Co., 1732)

Col. James Smallwood (Charles Co., 1666)

James Smith (St. Mary's Co., 1726)

William Smoot (St. Mary’s Co. 1646)

Thomas Spalding I (St. Mary's Co., 1674)

Mrs. Ann Sparks (Frederick Co., 1730)

James Sparks (Frederick Co., 1762*)

Matthew Sparks (Frederick Co., 1730)

William Sparks (Queen Anne’s Co., 1725)

William Sparks (Talbot Co., 1662)

Detmar Stansbury (Baltimore Co., 1659)

James Stavely (Kent Co., 1675)

Detmar Sternburg (Baltimore Co. 1659)

Robert Stewart (Baltimore Co., 1638)

Thomas Stockett (St. Mary's Co., 1661)

Gov. William Stone (Charles Co., 1648)

Edward Talbott (Anne Arundel Co. 1659)

Benjamin Tasker (Anne Arundel Co., 1690)

John Taylor Sr. (Baltimore Co., 1661)

Edward Teal (Charles Co., 1682)

Abraham Tennison (St. Mary’s Co., c1676)

Christopher Thomas (Kent Co. 1637)

Naomy Thurman (Anne Arundel Co., 1706)

Gideon Tilghman (Somerset Co., 1681)

Michael Troutman (Frederick Co., 1762*)

Pretitia Tydings (Baltimore Co., 1675)

Jacob Isaaks Van Bebber (Cecil Co., 1704)

Garrit von Sweringen (St. Mary’s Co. 1669)

Thomas Wall (Dorchester Co. 1682)

John Waller (Somerset Co., c1665)

Capt. Richard Warfield (Anne Arundel Co., 1662)

Humphrey Warren (Charles Co. 1667)

Leonard Wayman (Anne Arundel 1688)

Edward Welborn (Baltimore Co., 1680)

Johan Jacob Weller (Frederick Co., 1738*)

Josiah Wilson (Calvert Co. 1689)

Mary Wood (Baltimore Co., 1760*)

Roger Woolford (Somerset Co., 1670)

John Worland (Charles Co. 1662)

Nicholas Wyatt (d. abt. 1671-75)

Sewell Young (Anne Arundel Co., 1675)

Peter Youngblood (Prince George's Co., 1728)

* Closed line to that qualifying ancestor for new members

Sir George Calvert, The 1st Lord Baltimore