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Railroad Construction

The photo above is of my Grandfather William John McMillan Jr's steam shovel and crew. William John's hanging out the window at the front of the steam shovel.

Ancestry of William John McMillan and Anderson Todd

I made this website to share family genealogy for my McMillan family roots. The focal points are my Great Grandparent's, William John McMillan and his wife Anderson Todd. William John born in Montreal, Quebec, and Anderson born in Scotland, married in Fergus, Ontario, and migrated to Minnesota for a work opportunity with the railroad there.

Photos of Portraits of William John and Anderson (Todd) McMillan
(Photos of Portraits Courtesy of Bob Baker
& enhanced courtesy Paul Tidemann)

I wanted a central place to share some of the research I've accumulated with others who may have common ancestry. I don't have a family tree on this website. I'm sharing here in a dialogue format, using photos, news articles, information from books and websites, and records I've found. I've also shared many links, where you can find more information.

If you'd like to see the family tree I've collected so far please email me at:  tomwdcraftr@yahoo.com 

I was born Thomas Wilfred McMillan, and go by Tom. My Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, and Brother are each William John McMillan (I, II, III and IV). My photo below:

Thanks for visiting my McMillan MacMillan Family History website!! The original surnames I've found to be associated with the ancestry of Great Grandfather William John McMillan and Great Grandmother Anderson (Todd) McMillan are shown below:


Early surnames include:  (McMullan in Ireland and McMullen in Canada), McMillan; MacMillan; Orr; Todd; Anderson; Drummond (it's felt our Drummond's were MacGregor's); Dyer; Snaden; Murray and Baker (note: I have found various spellings for some of those names).

Relationships can be confusing. I'll present a brief relationship summary below for William John McMillan and Anderson Todd. If you're not sure of your relationship to William John and Anderson, send me an email, and I'll try to help you with that. Also, if you're not sure of your relationship to someone I show on the website, let me know, and I'll try to help.

William John McMillan's parent's were:

Father:  John McMullan (Unknown parentage; an Arthur may have been John's father. John had lived at Bridge St, Downpatrick, County Down, Ireland when he married Margaret Orr May 2, 1844. In 1846 a Susan (Galway) McMullan died and she was the widow of an Arthur McMullan who was a pensioner. Possibly John's parent's, but not proven.) I believe the name spelling in Ireland was McMullan.

Mother:  Margaret Orr (Margaret's parent's were David Orr and Catherine, unknown maiden name)

William John's siblings were Arthur McMullen and David McMullen and we know very little about them (no birth record has been located for David, so we can't be absolutely sure he was a McMullen).

Anderson Todd's parent's were:

Father:  Matthew Todd (Matthew's parent's were Robert Todd and Isabella Anderson)

Mother:  Ellen (born Helen) Drummond aka/MacGregor (Ellen's parent's were Alexander Drummond and Helen Dyer)

Anderson's siblings were:  Janet Todd (married William Murray); Ellen Todd (married James Snaden); Robert Todd (married Salene Elmore); John Todd (married Margaret Watson).


Welcome!! I hope you find the information I've compiled of interest. I've broken the information compiled into smaller segments. You can click on the individual segments on the left menu bar, to go to the desired page.

As a former insurance auditor, I developed an investigative nature, which has been helpful in finding genealogical information. I've been amazed at what is available through the internet, and with the assistance of many contacts from the US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and England.

Also, a big thank you to those I consider to be family members who have been most helpful with sharing family information. I'm sure there is a lot more we can continue to share with each other.

I'll add more information to this website as I'm able. When I add, or change information for this website, you can see what's new or changed at the page I created just for that. So, when you return to the site, I'll give a date of posting new information, or indicate changes I've made due to new information.

I look forward to hearing from others who can share additional family information, stories, photos, etc. Thank you for visiting!!

A McMillan Family Poem I wrote (you'll need to scroll down to see all):

McMillan Family Poem 2013

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