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3/7 -A, C, D - Finish Review Worksheet

3/8 - A, C, D - Test tomorrow on Waves, Vibrations, and Sound (see "Review Material answers" tab for review packet answers

3/14 - 3/17 - A, C, D Block - Finish Light worksheet to be checked on Friday --> Scrunch days Tuesday and Thursday
        C Block - If not done already, hand in Sound Waves Lab

4/4 - A, C, D - Finish Color Section Outline Pt 2

4/5 - A, C, D - Make sure to finish labs if not already (Color of Light from last week)

4/6 - C, D - Do first three sections on worksheet (Why Sky Blue, Why Sunsets Red, Why Oceans Cyan)

4/7 - A, C, D - Review for quiz!  The answers to the review packet are on the "Review Material answers" page (in the left hand column)
Jeff McKearney,
Apr 7, 2016, 11:00 AM