MCCE References

MCCE References

Basic MCCE references

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Current benchmark papers

Amino Acids
  • Song Y., Gunner M.R. (2009). J. Comp. Chem epub Mar 2009
Heme electrochemistry
  • Zheng Z, Gunner MR. (2009) Analysis of the electrochemistry of hemes with Ems spanning 800 mV. Proteins 75: 719-734.
  • Mao J., Hauser K., Gunner M.R. (2003) Multi-conformation continuum electrostatic analysis of heme electrochemistry in cytochromes with different structures. Biochemistry 42: 829-40
Ion (Cl) binding
  • Song Y, Gunner MR. (2009) Using multiconformation continuum electrostatics to compare chloride binding motifs in alpha-amylase, human serum albumin, and Omp32. J. Mol. Biol 387: 840-856

Quinone electrochemistry
  • Zhu, Z., Gunner, M.R. (2005) Energetics of Quinone-Dependent? Electron and Proton Transfers in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Photosynthetic Reaction Centers. Biochemistry 44: 82-96