rendering Poser scenes with Blender-Cycles

I posted elsewhere on this site a kit of scripts that helps you render Daz Studio scenes in Blender / Cycles

later on i posted a script to help you render Carrara scenes

it's not a perfect solution, but someday i plan to improve it

you can follow the same method for Poser scenes

there's many quirks that make is less pleasant an experience than the solution for Daz Studio

but i believe it can save you time

3doutlaw wrote a poser python script to help export a poser scene

and gather all the relevant materials,

How to use it

get the mcjBlendBot zip package found at the bottom of this page :

it contains a script named

Unzip this file in your Blender modules folder

On a typical Windows PC that's something like

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.67\scripts\modules

In Poser

Use Poser's wavefront / OBJ Export to export your scene as an .obj file

unfortunately Poser does not collect the texture images referenced by this .obj / mtl file

so, immediately, export the same scene as a Collada / dae scene

export it in the same folder as the .obj / mtl files

you will see that Poser made a copy of all the needed texture images and placed them in the same folder as the obj / mtl / dae files

In Blender

Use Blender's import / Wavefront menu to import the .obj file

if cycles is not the current render engine, change the render engine from "Blender render" to "Cycles"

if you try to render the scene using Blender cycles right now, the materials will look wrong

because Cycles expects "node based materials" and the .obj import did not create them

Blender usually has more than one "pane"

click on the upper-Left button of a panel, and change the Editor type to "Text Editor"

it should look like this now

Use the "Text" / "Open Text Block" menu and load

which should be found in C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.67\scripts\modules

if you installed the mcjBlendBot kit properly

Click on the "Run Script"

mcjBlendBotForCarrara went through all objects in the scene, made them look smooth

it went through all the materials in the scene and built node-based materials


Quirks :

if you remember, the texture images were created for the benefit of the DAE file

but our OBJ/MTL files are trying to use those texture images

unfortunately the name of the image files used in the MTL file may differ from the image files that were created for the DAE

for example - myScene.mtl may list an image file named "Casual Woman Texture.tif"

but the image file on the hard disk is named "Casual_Woman_Texture.tif"

so there's 3 solutions

- rename the image file names so they match the file names mentioned in myscene.mtl ( this file can be read using any text editor )

- modify myscene.mtl

- in Blender, "manually" replace all the faulty images by the ones on your hard disk


the diffuse colors defined in the mtl file are sometimes too dark or even black

you will need to fix this in blender,

as shown here: