Note that this script is normally step 1 of a 2 part process

step 2 is performed by the mcjtoewalker script found HERE

The script will re-orient the foot of a character to ensure that the toes of that foot are parallel to the ground


November 11th 2013 released


The zip package is found at the bottom of this page

unzip it in your daz content folder, typically C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\

once installed, it will appear in your content library, under Studio / Scripts / mcasual

or in a folder like C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\

in which case the script will be found in Daz Studio Formats / My Library / Scripts / mcasual


Before launching this script, select the reference toe

specify the range of frames to be processed

click the "do it" button

The two modes

The first mode is called "joint mode" and works well for generation 3 figures and Genesis figures

The second mode is called "bounding box mode" and works well with generation 4 figures

Tweak angles

By default these three angles are set to 0

If they are not zero, they will be added to the foot rotation.

Use these for cases where the toes ( or the shoe soles ! ) don't get properly seated on the ground.

Using Toe "stand-ins

if you parent an object to a foot

then this object can be selected the same as if it were that foot's toes

The script will re-orient the parent foot, to bring the "stand-in" parallel to the ground 

mCasual Jacques,
Nov 13, 2013, 3:59 PM