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Key Resources:
(Mid-Nov. 2013)
Kelly and Michele O'Donnell, Editors
Author: Kelly O'Donnell
This book launches us further into the MC field to support workers/senders in light of the challnges facing humanity. It is filled new material including anayses, suggestions, readings, helps and tools from various sources. The book has 12 chapters and presented in three parts:
1. Exploring MC
2. Promoting Health
3. Developing Guidelines.
Resources for Transparency, Accontability,
This is an article dealing with adjustment challnges for misson/aid workers--things that can destroy, distract, distress, and disgrace us. Click the link above to access the article and the CHOPS Inventory--both are in several languages.
Several other self-assessment tools are included at the bottom.

Resources for Arabic-Speaking Workers (AMP)
This site includes over 25 articles on member care.

Preventing Corruption in Humanitarian Assistance
Joint report on corruption in the humanitarian sector, sponsored by: Transparency International, Humanitarian Practice Group/ODI, and  
Feinstein Center/Tufts U. The Executive Summary has a very helpful  overview and recommendations.

Fuller Seminary: Interview
Michele and Kelly O'Donnell discuss their background and work as psychologists in the member care field.
Member Caravan: Traveling Together as Learners-Practitioners
This is a MCA site for graduate students and others in health and member care, with an emphasis on international health, international issues, and member care resources.

Anticorruption in the Health Sector: Strategies for Transparency and Accountability

New book edited by by Dr. Taryn Vian at Boston University and two other editors. Thirteen chapters on a variety of topics, with much relevance for doing member care in mission/aid. (2010) 
Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices from Around the World (2002)
Editor: Kelly O'Donnell

Part One is available to download for free by clicking on the title above. It is also available as a book in Portuguese, Spansih, and Korean. Major portions are also available now digitally in Chinese and Arabic.
More information here on the Member Caravan site.
About us:
Member Care Associates
We are committed to: 
**Further develop good practice within the member care field, crossing sectors to promote mutual learning.
**Work together with international colleagues on strategic projects to support personnel and sending groups in the mission/aid sector.
**Make quality resources accessible broadly--across the globe and in many languages.

**Integrate knowledge, virtue, and duty (eruditio, probitas, and officium) in all that we do.
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Welcome to Reality DOSE!

This site focuses on equipping the mission/aid sectors with materials on health and dysfunction. One of the main resources is an article in 12 languages called: Wise as Doves and Innocent as Serpents? Doing Conflict Resolution Better. The article deals with dysfunction, discipline, and conflict resolution. It is written by Dr. Kelly O’Donnell, and was first published in January 2007 in the EMQ journal.

The "Reality DOSE" site gets its name from the above article  (DOves and SErpents). It refers to getting a good "dose of reality" so that we in the mission/aid sectors can: a) better understand our “relational reality”, b) strengthen our “relational resiliency”, and c) promote good practice to develop and protect workers/sending groups.                    

Wise as Doves and Innocent as Sepents?

**The 12 different languages of this article are available below for you to download and distribute to your colleagues/networks.

**Special thanks to the colleagues who translated the original article from English into the other languages.                                               

Download now!

Arabic: Doves and Serpents.pdf

Bahasa Indonesia: Doves and Serpents.pdf


Chinese: simplified characters Doves and Serpents.pdf


Chinese: traditional characters Doves and Serpents.pdf


Dutch: Doves and Serpents.pdf


English: update December 2007 Doves and Serpents.pdf


French: traduction fidele au texte Doves and Serpents.pdf


French: traduction plus libre Doves and Serpents.pdf


German: Doves and Serpents.pdf 


Hindi: Doves and Serpents.pdf


Korean: Doves and Serpents.pdf 


Portuguese: Doves and Serpents.pdf


Russian: Doves and Serpents.pdf


Spanish: Doves and Serpents.pdf  



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More Resources for Promoting Health

Ethne Member Care            

**The January 2008 special edition of the Ethne-Member Care Update focuses on "Health and  Dysfunction in Mission/Aid."

**See also the "Web Links" section for resources/organisations related to member care.


Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

(Discusses the whistle-blower protection provision contained in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (USA, 2002) and its applicability to nonprofits as well as general misconduct, dishonesty, and fraud prevention - includes a sample)


International Business Ethics Institute

(creating an open and non-retaliatory workplace)


Humanitarian Practice Group (HPG)

(preventing corruption in humanitarian assistance--final report 2008)

 (corruption risks, perceptions and prevention in humanitarian assistance; policy brief, september 2008)


Global Compliance

(developing ethics and compliance in organisations)


Public Concern at Work

(UK-based group and resources; new book: Whistle Blowing Around the World: Law, Culture and Practice; Public Interest Disclosure Act--UK 1998


Independent Sector

(checklist for accountability in organisations)


 People In Aid

(Code of Good Practice)


Dingman Company

(consultants for executive selection; see newsletters for excellent book reviews and comments regarding good governanace and good management for organizations)


Fraud Cases in the News (past and present)

**New Era/Bennett Case, The NonProfit Times (5 June 2005)


**Madoff Case, Wikipedia summary


**Nordic Capital Investment Case (NCI)

This investment scheme began in 1992 and was exposed in 2007. NCI has seriously impacted parts of the international mission/church world, with millions of Euros/dollars still missing. It is being investigated by the Swedish Economic Crimes Bureau (EBM). See PETRA People website for more information on this scheme as well as on corruption/fraud in general.


**Charles Ponzi and Ponzi Schemes (history and description)


**Petters Case, Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. Paul MN, USA  (29 September 2009)


**LaSaracina Case, The  DAY New London, CT USA (4 October 2010)


**Societe Generale/Kervial Case, BBC, 5 October 2010
**New Era Scandal


United Nations Global Compact

(strategic initiative for businesses: 10 principles for human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption)


Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University

(background and perspectives on internal whistle-blowing) 


A global hub for free legal assistance in the humanitarian assistance sector,  with news and information on anti-corruption.

Globe Ethics 

Corruption Free Churches are Possible: Experiences, Values, Solutions (2010),

Christopher Stückelberger (online book available for free download at Global Ethics Forum)
PETRA People
Materials to promote accountability, transparency, and anti-corruption in the church-mission community, with documents/analyses about the Nordic Capital Investment case 

Member Care Materials in Different Langauges:

Chinese: Running to Win--Resources for Chinese Workers

(articles, two books, case studies--written and audio)


Spanish: Programa de Cuidado Integral , COMIBAM

(articles related to member care-)


Spanish: Compendio de Cuidado Integral, COMIBAM

(compendium of member care materials from II Asemblea de COMIBAM)

Cuidado Integral COMIBAM noviembre 2003 El Salvador.pdf


Bahasa Indonesia: Resources for Senders and Workers

(articles related to member care; a photo gallery too of people/places)


English: Running to Win

(See the English section/materials)


Arabic: Resources for Arabic-Speaking Workers


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