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Moral lives matter: Global integrity for global citizens—Reflections and resources for the church-mission community. Poster for Globethics Conference : Building New Bridges Together—Strengthening Ethics in Higher Education after COVID-19.  Geneva, 17-25 June 2020.
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Summons to a Global Integrity Movement, Lausanne Global Analysis (March 2018)

Author: Kelly O'Donnell
Part Two focuses on organizational health and dysfunction. It's four chapters expand the Doves-Serpents article. Foundational!
Resources for Transparency, Accountability,
This is an article dealing with adjustment challenges for workers in the church-mission community--things that can destroy, distract, distress, and disgrace us. Click the link above to access the article and the CHOPS Inventory--both are in several languages.
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Welcome to Reality DOSE!

This site focuses on equipping the international church-mission community  and other sectors with materials on health and dysfunction. The main resource is a foundational article in 12 languages called: Wise as Doves and Innocent as Serpents? Doing Conflict Resolution Better. The article deals with dysfunction, discipline, and conflict resolution. It is written by Dr. Kelly O’Donnell, and was first published in January 2007 in the EMQ journal.

The "Reality DOSE" site gets its name from the above article  (DOves and SErpents). It refers to getting a good "dose of reality" so that colleagues across sectors and around the world can: a) better understand “relational reality”, b) strengthen “relational resiliency”, and c) promote good practice to develop and protect staff, volunteers, and organizations.                    

Note that a slightly expanded version of this article is here: Wise Doves and Innocent Serpents? Promoting Health and Confronting Dysfunction in the Mission Community Member Care in India: From Ministry Call to Home Call (2012).

Wise as Doves and Innocent as Sepents?

**The 12 different languages of this article are available below for you to download and distribute to your colleagues/networks.

**Special thanks to the colleagues who translated the original article from English into the other languages.                                               

Download now!

Arabic: Doves and Serpents.pdf

Bahasa Indonesia: Doves and Serpents.pdf


Chinese: simplified characters Doves and Serpents.pdf


Chinese: traditional characters Doves and Serpents.pdf


Dutch: Doves and Serpents.pdf


English: update December 2007 Doves and Serpents.pdf


French: traduction fidele au texte Doves and Serpents.pdf


French: traduction plus libre Doves and Serpents.pdf


German: Doves and Serpents.pdf 


Hindi: Doves and Serpents.pdf


Korean: Doves and Serpents.pdf 


Portuguese: Doves and Serpents.pdf


Russian: Doves and Serpents.pdf


Spanish: Doves and Serpents.pdf  

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