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Genji Sugamura, Ph.D. is associate professor of psychology at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan. He teaches clinical psychology, introduction to psychology, experimatal psychology, and research method in both undergraduate and graduate levels.
He was a student and coworker of the late Dr. Michael J. Mahoney at University of North Texas and Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center.
He is interested in philosophical and meta-theoretical issues in psychology, especially in clinical application of constructivism, social constructionism, and Eastern religious/philosophical traditions.
Also, he has been conducting experimental research to examine Jamesian theory of emotion and embodied cognition, based on an idea of Yutaka Haruki's "Embodied Psychology."
Marie Hoskins, Mary and Ken Gergen, Michael Mahoney, and Genji Sugamura at Goteborg Airport, June, 2005.