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Under Review

Work in Progress:

Gilli, Andrea and Mauro Gilli, "Goodbye Gerschenkron: Complexity and the Waning Advantages of Backwardness in Military Technology," (with Andrea Gilli) (to be presented at ISA 2016 and MPSA 2016).

Gilli, Andrea and  Mauro Gilli, " “Targeted Killings are the Norm: Tactical Incentives and Infrastructural Constraints. From Covert Assasinations through Special Operations Attacks to Drone Strikes." (scheduled at APSA 2015).

Gilli, Andrea and  Mauro Gilli, "Component Maker, Privilege Taker: Supply-chain Challenges in the Defense Industry and the Pursuit of Power and Wealth." Work in progress.

Freeland, Valerie, Andrea Gilli and Mauro Gilli. "The European Debt Crisis and IR Theories of Cooperation." (Presented at ISA 2013).

Gilli, Andrea, Mauro Gilli and Costantino Pischedda. "The Revenge of the Machines: The Effect of Mechanization on Counterinsurgency Outcomes." Work in progress.