Matthew Osborne

I am an associate professor of marketing at University of Toronto. My research interests include quantitative marketing, industrial organization, and econometrics.

Link to my CV

Research Currently in Progress

"A New Model of Causal Attribution in Social Settings: An Application to Social Promotions versus Traditional Promotions," (with Xin Chen and Yunhao Huang)

"Interactive Customer Feedback in the Digital Economy: When and How Should Content Creators Respond to Customers?" (with Minjee Sun)

"The Role of Cognitive Costs in Consumer Response to Changes in the Purchase Environment," (with Andrew Ching)

Selected Working Papers

"The Impact of Dollar Store Access on Local Market Structure and Food Access," July 2022 (with El Hadi Caoui and Brett Hollenbeck) [link]

"A Neuro-Autopilot Theory of Habit: Evidence from Canned Tuna," June 2022 (with Ryan Webb, Clarice Zhao, Peter Landry and Colin Camerer) [link]

"The Evolution of Concentration and Markups in the United States Cement Industry," April 2022, (with Nathan Miller, Gretchen Sileo and Gloria Sheu) [link]

"BMI, Food Purchase, and Promotional Sensitivity," November 2021 (first version September 2018), with Ying Bao, Ted Jaenicke and Emily Wang [link to latest draft on SSRN, link to June 2020 draft, link to May 2019 draft].

"Can Making Family Salient Increase Financial Savings? Quantifying Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Voluntary Retirement Contributions Using a Field Experiment in Mexico," September 2019, (with Avni Shah, Jacklyn Lefkowitz, Alissa Fishbane, and Dilip Soman) [link]

"Can Nudges that Increase Salience Decrease Motivation?: The Impact of Providing Firm Ranking Information on Retirement Savings in Mexico," with Avni Shah, Andrew Fertig, Jacklyn Lefkowitz, Alissa Fishbane, and Dilip Soman. Draft available on request; Revise and resubmit at Journal of Consumer Research

"Time to Act: A Field Experiment on Overdraft Alerts," July 2018, with Paul Adams, Michael Grubb, Darragh Kelly, and Jeroen Nieboer [link]

"Sending out an SMS: The Impact of Automatically Enrolling Consumers into Overdraft Alerts," May 2018, with Andrea Calflish, Michael Grubb, Darragh Kelly and Jeroen Nieboer [link]

"Dynamic Demand and Dynamic Supply in a Storable Goods Market", (Preliminary Draft, updated November 2012) [link]

Published Papers

"Does Visual Salience Affect Credit Card Choice?", 2021, with Matt Hilchey and Dilip Soman. Accepted at Behavioral Public Policy.

"Finding Mr. Schumpeter: Technology Adoption in the Cement Industry," (RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 52(1), 2021, pp. 78-99), with Jeffrey Macher and Nathan Miller.

"Identification and Estimation of Forward-looking Behavior: The Case of Consumer Stockpiling," (Marketing Science, Vol. 39(4), 2020, pp. 707-726, link to June 2019 version with online appendices, link to October 2018 version with online appendices; link to April 2017 version including online appendix) with Andrew Ching. Finalist for the 2020 John D.C. Little Best Paper Award.

"Frequency vs Depth: How Changing the Temporal Process of Promotions Impacts Demand for a Storable Good," Japanese Economic Review, Special Issue: Bridging Marketing and Economics, Vol 69(3), 2018, pp. 258-283 (lead article) [link]

"Approximating the Cost-of-Living Index for a Storable Good", (American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, Vol. 10(2), May 2018, pp. 286-314) [link to January 2017 version including online appendix, link to November 2014 Version]

"Pass-Through in a Concentrated Industry: Empirical Evidence and Regulatory Implications" (RAND Journal of Economics, Vol 48(1), Spring 2017, pp. 69-93) [link] with Nathan Miller and Gloria Sheu.

"Cellular Service Demand: Biased Beliefs, Learning, and Bill Shock", with Michael Grubb, American Economic Review, Vol 105(1), January 2015, pp 234-271. (July 2013 version is available here, February 2012 version is available here, with previous online appendix here.)

Online Appendix for "Cellular Service Demand: Biased Beliefs, Learning, and Bill Shock" [link]

"Spatial Differentiation and Price Discrimination in the Cement Industry: Evidence from a Structural Model", with Nathan Miller, RAND Journal of Economics, Vol 45(2), Summer 2014, pp. 221-469 (lead article) [link to latest working paper] (link to April 2011 version)

"Consistency and Asymptotic Normality for Equilibrium Models with Partially Observed Outcome Variables", with Nathan Miller, Economics Letters, Vol 123(1), April 2014, pp. 70-74 [link to working paper version]

"Consumer Learning, Switching Costs and Heterogeneity: A Structural Examination", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Volume 9, Number 1, March 2011 , pp. 25-70(46) [link to working paper version]

Technical Appendix for Consumer Learning, Switching Costs and Heterogeneity: A Structural Examination [link]

Other Articles

"Accounting for Household Production in the National Accounts," [link] with Benjamin Bridgman, Andrew Dugan, Mikhael Lal, and Shaunda Villones, The Survey of Current Business, May 2012, pp. 23-36.

Keywords: economics, economist, research, industrial organization, marketing, econometrics