Matthew R. Dasti

I am a Professor in the Philosophy Department of Bridgewater State University, specializing in philosophy within classical India. To date, my main research interest has been directed toward the early phase of the Nyāya ("Logic") school of classical Hindu philosophy. I have been most interested in exploring Nyāya accounts of knowledge sources like perception, inference, and testimony. I received my MA/PhD in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin (2010) and  my undergraduate degree from Rutgers University (2004), in history and philosophy. I have a long-standing love of Indian thought, and like Schopenhauer, I find solace in the Upanishads.

Aside from my academic work, I enjoy playing games with my family, including tabletop RPGs, board games,  card games, and video games. I spend the rest of my free time learning Jiujitsu, splitting logs, hunting down comedy clips online, and spending too much time thinking about Star Wars lore. 

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I was recently interviewed on the New Books Network podcast about my book on Vātsyāyana. It can be found here: