I am a CNRS Research Fellow (Junior Researcher) and have been at Université Paris Dauphine since 2015
as a member of LAMSADE and an associate member of JEP- LEDA.

I did my undergraduate studies in Mathematics at UAM, Spain and then went for an M.Sc. in Economics at UCL, Belgium -
My Ph.D. in Economics was at Ecole Polytechnique, France.

My research interests are Political Economy and Game Theory.

Recently, I have focused on Approval Bargaining methods.

Please check my published papers here and my works in progress here.

See here for my Google Scholar Page and here for a copy of my CV.

I have taught courses in Microeconomics and Game Theory and I currently teach a course in Welfare Economics.  

If you want to contact me send me an email to: matias.nunez at

or call me
at (+33) 1 44 05 41 98          


-June 2017

A new working paper on Large Elections and Incentives jointly with Marcus Pivato

- May 2017

A new paper on Implementation accepted at the Journal of Economic Theory jointly with Dimitrios Xefteris.

- April 2017

Pour les francophones, je suis signataire d'une tribune à Libération sur les modes de scrutin et l'élection présidentielle (voir ici)

A new paper on Bargaining methods accepted at Games and Economic Behavior jointly with Jean-François Laslier and Carlos Pimienta.

A new paper
on Dominance Solvability and Approval Voting accepted at the Journal of Public Economic Theory jointly with Sébastien Courtin