Short Bio

I am a CNRS Research Fellow (Junior Researcher) and have been at Université Paris Dauphine since 2015 as a member of LAMSADE and an associate member of JEP- LEDA. I did my undergraduate studies in Mathematics at UAM, Spain and then went for an M.Sc. in Economics at UCL, Belgium - My Ph.D. in Economics was at Ecole Polytechnique, France. I am one of the organisers of the Roy-Adres Seminar at the Paris School of Economics since 2017.


My research interests are Political Economy, Implementation, Game Theory and Experimental Economics. See here for my Google Scholar Page and here for a copy of my CV.


If you want to contact me send me an email to: matias.nunez at or call me at (+33) 1 44 05 41 98


- May 2018

An experimental working paper on Approval Mechanisms with Philippos Louis and Dimitrios Xefteris

A theoretical working paper on Subgame Perfect Implementation with Remzi Sanver

- February 2018

An article on the Conversation with Dimitrios Xefteris on the LIBOR and Approval Mechanisms.

-June 2017

A new working paper on Large Elections and Incentives jointly with Marcus Pivato