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The Times Tables

& four operations + − × ÷

made so Easy.

MATH L⊗⊕ps: Easy game of Basic Maths. Ages 4 to 9+

Speed Up your kids Times Tables & x ÷ + − All Tables from 1 to 12

Selected by tiching as one of the best app for starter's maths:

"... very simple and intuitive: Students will focus all their attention on the operations that are presented on the screen, trying to solve them successfully... "

"... success-oriented app: The purpose of this resource is to review and strengthen the learning of basic operations..."





Mental Calculation game.

Simple & fun.

For all ages.

c a l - c o o l a

Simple brain training maths.

Combine the tiles to reach the target value.

"cal-coola" challenge :

▷ Work out the exact result, or a close enough one.

▷ The sooner you solve it, the more points you gain.

How to play:

▷ To calculate: Drag tiles into +, -, × & ÷

▷ To undo: Double-tap on the tile

▷ To resolve: Drag your computed tile to the target box


Download c a l - c o o l a


Long Additions and Subtractions.

Column method.

With or without carrying.

Maths Loops: Addition & Subtraction

Practise column additions and subtractions.

With and without carrying or borrowing.

Handwrite the numbers as if it was a real paper worksheet.

Even better: You can use the whole pad to write each number!


Download Maths Loops: Addition and Subtraction

Math Finger

Long Multiplication Drills.

It shows your errors as you solve the exercise.

Maths Loops: Multiplication

Long column multiplication.

Handwrite the numbers, one by one, as if it was a real paper worksheet. Even better: You can use the whole pad to write each number!

Maths Loops Multiplication will identify and check your numbers as you handwrite them. It will highlight your mistakes as you are solving the exercise. It will show and correct up to two mistakes in each multiplication. One more mistake... and you have to start it over ;)

With and without carrying and regrouping.

Three increasing difficulty levels and over 70 pages with free exercises (upgrade to full version for 1440 multiplications).

Each page solved uncovers a piece of an impressive animal's picture.


Download Maths Loops: Multiplication


A game to locate US States

and countries of the 5 continents


A Game to Test your Knowledge of Maps

▷ Practise & Learn: USA States and Countries of the 5 continents

▷ Simple and easy game of Geography

QuestiOnMap is a quiz through the names of:

      • USA states
      • Countries of Europe
      • Countries of North and Central America
      • Countries of South America
      • Countries of Asia
      • Countries of Africa
      • Countries of Oceania
      • Regions of Spain
      • Provinces of Spain

Download QuestiOnMap



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