ZP4: Address correction data and software

ZP4 is a database containing United States addresses, ZIP + 4® codes, and mail carrier route numbers, along with other supplemental postal databases (all maintained by the Postal Service™), plus complete automatic CASS Certified™ address correction software for Windows computers.

       Before ZP4 processing   After ZP4 processing
       ---------------------   --------------------
       walt disney             The Walt Disney Company
       114 5                   114 5th Ave Fl 13
       newyork                 New York NY 10011-5690 

ZP4 was available from 1989 through November 30, 2017, and was replaced by MAF, the Master Address File.

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Why all 5-digit ZIP Code™ lists are obsolete

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ZP4 automatically corrects your address files and adds ZIP + 4 codes so you can send mail using discount postage rates.

Validate, correct, and standardize addresses

Minimize postage and prevent undeliverable mail

Complete ZIP + 4 database covering all U.S. mailing addresses

Includes the DPV® database for validating any individual house, apartment, or box

Fully exportable ZIP + 4 records for building custom lists and databases

Includes program-to-program source code examples for custom access

CASS Certified and DPV Certified by the Postal Service for confirmation of valid delivery points

Automatically process databases of any size

Automatically generates bulk mail forms 3553, 3600, and 3602

Easy-to-use point-and-click interface

Any number of employees and clients can simultaneously use all tools and data

Includes fonts for postal barcodes

Includes presort and printing software for discount First Class Automation or Standard Automation letters

Includes LACSLink to convert rural-style addresses to city-style addresses, and to convert renumbered boxes and renamed streets

Includes eLOT® to find enhanced line of travel data

Includes Geo to find latitudes, longitudes, tracts, and blocks

Includes SuiteLink to find business address secondary (suite) information

Includes RDI™ to detect residence vs. business addresses

ZP4 contains all necessary Windows software and a complete mailing address validation database for the entire United States.

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