触覚を伝達可能なテレイグジスタンスシステム TELESAR V

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Wearable computing technology is one of the methods that can augment the information processing ability of humans. However, in this area, a soft surface is often necessary to maximize the comfort and practicality of such wearable devices. Thus in this paper, we propose a soft surface material, with an organic bristling effect achieved through mechanical vibration, as a new user interface. We have used fur in order to exhibit the visually rich transformation induced by the bristling effect while also achieving the full tactile experience and benefits of soft materials. Our method needs only a layer of fur and simple vibration motors. The hairs of fur instantly bristle with only horizontal mechanical vibration. The vibration is provided by a simple vibration motor embedded below the fur material. This technology has significant potential as garment textiles or to be utilized as a general soft user interface.


This paper reports the detection threshold of human hairy skin with the use of a direct vibrotactile stimulus to the hair on human hairy skin. We designed an experimental method to quantify the psychological effect and developed a stimulation instrument to directly stimulate the hair. This vibrotactile stimulation was provided from the tip of tweezers which traveled horizontally or vertically against the human skin. The stimulation point was the approximate middle region of the hair on the middle finger and forearm. A psychological experiment was conducted based on the hypothesis that a frequency characteristic exists on hairy skin with direct stimulus to the hair. As a result, a significant difference depends on frequency was obtained with ANOVA. It was described that the vibrotactile stimulus was conducted to Pacinian by the body hair on the middle finger which has so small section area. This is conflicting finding concerning the size of the contactor which can conduct the stimulus into the lower layer of skin. However, this thresholdcurve and also the introspection reports of participants support this novel finding.

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