The Maryland Model Yacht Club is a fun group of enthusiastic sailors from around the Baltimore-Washington area. The club is sanctioned by the AMYA (#205).

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September 19th Race Day #7 in Columbia, Maryland

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Message from the Commodore:

17 Sept 2020

Hey Everyone! The weather for Saturday is calling for Sunny conditions with temps in the 60s and wind from the N NE 8 to 11 mph. Sounds like perfect model yachting weather. Don't miss this excellent sailing day! Come out and have some fun. Don't forget to try and get there early or stay late to help set up or take down! And most importantly don't forget a mask!

Look forward to seeing everyone Saturday!

John Ebell

16 Sept 2020

I want to remind everyone about the 3rd Saturday Racing this weekend. Again, racing starts at 10 for the Vics, 12:30 for the One Meters and 3 for the DF 65s. There are only 3 months left in the season and points are more critical now. Be sure to turn out and enjoy a great day of racing. I understand we may have some new/missing people show up this month, so I am eagerly looking forward to this exciting day.

There is a very important event taking place next week. Dave Ramos of CPM is holding CPM Race Week in Queenstown over on the Eastern Shore. This event is being held all week long for several different types of model boats. This unique event will contest J boats in a Regional Championship, while CR 914s Star 45s and EC 12s will battle for their National Championships. It will truely be a whos who of model boat racing.

I am proud to say that MMYC will be well represented by Walter House, Marc Smith, Jim Latoff and Danny Thomas. Also, proud past MMYC members Scott Todd, Jarle Wathne, and Doug Watring will be competing there as well. Please wish these guys Good Luck for next week. Of course We also wish our Region 2 Director Dave Branning the best too. Dave is a great guy and has done a lot for this sport/hobby. Dave has sailed with our club several times and helped out at a couple of of MMYCs events. Since this is a local event, you all should make an effort to drop in and cheer on these guys. It actually is a.great opportunity to watch and learn! I know I am going. You can go to the web site for the event to see the schedule of races and who is participating each day. The link is:

Finally, I want to mention some things to keep in mind for this coming Saturday. There should be several new people there this week, so if you don't know someone, take the initiative and introduce yourself. Remember, you all were new to this once yourself.

The club needs to finish compiling an accurate membership list. To do that, we need filled out membership forms. If you havent filled out yours yet, please do so before racing. If you are a returning member and havent raced yet this year, MMYC has a special going on. Sign up now and MMYC will wave membership dues for all of 2020! A 20 dollar savings! Heck if you cant be there this weekend, download the form and mail it to Walter. You will save 20$!!!!!

Because of increased turnout, there also might be more traffic on the race course. To help with this condition, we will set long courses and a long starting line. However, it is up to every skipper to operate his/her boat safely and avoid hitting other boats. Practice exercising the rules of the road, use common sense about crowding rounding marks. Trust me, you actually will be faster in the long run. Remember, this is a fun hobby, "playing with toy boats"!

The last point I want to stress is that this is a club, and there are no paid positions. We all have to contribute to make the club fun and successful. To that end, please if you can, either help set up in the morning, or assist with the clean up at the end of the day. It makes it so much easier and quicker when more people lend a hand.

If anyone has any other concerns please feel free to email me at

Thanks and I look forward to seeing all of you (yes, especially you) Saturday!


Our pond in Columbia (Below)

Despite COVID 19 we have been successful in adhering to current medical recommendations and have held months of great remote control sail boat racing!

Everyone is continuing to do their part by wearing masks and adhering (as much as possible) to social distancing!

We will continue to follow this format until we are given other recommendations by state or local officials.


Every Third Saturday of the month

Vic 10:00 ODOM/Any One Meter 12:30 DF 65/EC12 3:00

March thru November

All are welcome to come and race but non-member scores are not considered in club standings.

Maryland Model Yacht Club (MMYC)

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