Church History

Our Beginnings …

In a letter dated October 14, 1919, Bishop Henry Althoff of Belleville, writes to Rev. Edmund Niess, “In our latest communication (Oct. 9, 1919) to you in regard to the new congregation at Irishtown, we granted you permission and authority to procure the deed securing the ground for the new church and also to remove the church at Keyesport to the new site...we declare...that the new congregation at Irishtown shall be organized and is hereby established ... We would suggest that the patron of the new church at Irishtown be St. Teresa, whose feast occurs tomorrow”. With permission granted for the new parish, a gift of five acres on the Greenville Road was accepted from Mr. John Schaefer and the former St. Edward's Church was moved to the new location with the help of Hagen Bros. Construction, Breese. The first Mass was celebrated on April 7, 1920 and with the formal rededication on June 20, 1920, "Marydale Church" (St. Teresa's) was born.

St. Teresa's Church originally started out as St. Edward's Catholic Church in Keyesport, IL and was dedicated September 6, 1909. Father J. Munier of St. Lawrence Church in Sandoval organized St. Edward parish in 1907. Services were held in a blacksmith shop until the church was built in 1909.  The church was closed in 1920, when it was sold to St. Teresa Parish of Marydale and moved to 18021 Marydale Road, our present location.

In 1941 the church was remodelled by bracing the bell, lowering the ceiling five feet, plastering all walls, and putting a false arch in the sanctuary.

In 1925, the school was built at the cost of $5,000. Father Niess was Pastor.

In 1941, the Rectory was built at the cost of $3,500. Father Immethun was Pastor.

St. Teresa's Catholic Church of Marydale as like looks today.

Pastors through the Years:

Father Edward Niess  1919-1927

Father Leo Schloss  1927-1934

Father Joseph Immethun  1934-1943

Father Elmer Holtgrave  1943-1948

Father Joseph P. Mueller  1948-1954

Father J. Ralph Arnold  1954-1955

In care of St. Mary's Carlyle  1955

Father Patrick Slattery  1956

In care of St. Mary's Carlyle  1957

Father C.J. Cunningham  1958

Father Francis Seyer  1958-1963

Father John Baggio   1963-1965

Father Lloyd Misho  1965-1968

Father Stanley Schlarmann  1968-1969

Father Jerome Feldman  1969-1998

Canonical Pastors:

Father David Darin  1998 - ???

Father George Mauck

Parish Life Coordinators:
D. Pat & Esther Norrenburns  1998-1999
Sister Mary Catherine Clark, ASC  08-01-1999 to 09-16-2006
Sister Diane M. Turner, SSND 09-17-2006 to 12-31-2006
Deacon Charles Litteken  01-01-2007 - Present