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Climate Impacts, Political Institutions, and Leader Survival: Effects of Drought and Flooding Precipitation. 2018. Economics of Disasters and Climate Change. With Oleg Smirnov, Tingyin Xiao & Minghua Zhang. In Print. doi:10.1007/s41885-018-0024-7

Research Area

Distributive Outcomes in Contested Maritime Areas: The Role of Inside Options in Settling Competing Claims. 2018. With Aslaug Asgeirsdottir. Journal of Conflict Resolution. 62(6): 1284-1313. doi:10.1177/0022002716677568 replication data INT
Donor Fragmentation, Aid Shocks and Violent Political Conflict. 2017. With Raynee Gutting. Journal of Conflict Resolution 61(3): 643-670. replication data

supplemental material

Dispute Settlement Mechanisms and Maritime Boundary Settlements. 2015. With Aslaug Asgeirsdottir. Review of International Organizations. 10(2): 119-143. replication data INT

Compete or Coordinate? Aid Fragmentation and Lead Donorship. 2015. International Organization. 69(2): 443-472.

replication data

supplemental material

Foreign Aid and Political Stability. 2015. Conflict Management and Peace Science. 32(4): 395-424.
Winner of 2016 Palmer Prize for best article published in Conflict Management and Peace Science in 2015.

The Sources of Pension Reforms in Western Europe: Domestic Factors, Policy Diffusion, or Common Shock? 2014. International Interactions. 40(4): 477-505. With Alexandra Hennessy.

replication data INT, SPAT
Estimating Free-Riding Behavior: The StratAM model. 2011. Political Analysis. 19(4): 488-502.  replication data AID, SPAT
Reprinted in Helen Milner and Dustin Tingley, eds. 2013. The Geopolitics of Foreign Aid. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

The International Monetary Fund: A Review of the Recent Evidence. 2008. With Randall Stone. Review of International Organizations. 3(2): 123-149.

Under Review
Who Joins and Who Fights: Explaining Coalition Behavior Among Civil War Actors. With Nils Metternich.
Winner of 2015 APSA Conflict Processes Section Best Paper Award for paper presented at the APSA Annual Meeting.

Coordinating Development Aid: Competition, Collusion, and the Persistence of Lead Donorship. Completed book manuscript. AID, SPAT, CIV
Working Papers
Fragmentation of sectoral development aid: The role of multilateral institutions

Network governance in international organizations: Lessons from World Bank trust funds, with Simone Dietrich & Bernhard Reinsberg

Power-Sharing and Ethnic Civil War, with Nils-Christian Bormann
    AID, INT


Collusion versus Coordination: The Rise of Concentrated Aid Provision, Lead Donorship, and Aid Orphans AID
Estimating Weight Matrices in Spatial Lag Models. SPAT

Work in Progress
Earmarks and the US Aid Appropriations Process. With Simone Dietrich. AID

Legend: AID = Foreign Aid, CIV= Civil Conflict, SPAT = Spatial econometrics, INT = International Institutions