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Books & Websites

The following lists of publishers and books are provided as a convenience. Mars Hill Speech and Debate Club does not endorse, nor is responsible for their content.

Publishers who sell books and “sourcebooks” about speech and debate:

Starting a Speech and Debate Club

  • It Takes a Parent: A Teaching Guide for the First Time Parent/Coach by Diana Stollar

  • Coaching Policy Debate: Transitioning from a Debate Class to a Debate Club, by Terry, DEarnne, and Ryan Stollar

Team Policy Debate

Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • Lincoln Douglas Value Debate Curriculum, by Rachel Welch and Brittany McGehee

  • Keys to Lincoln-Douglas Debate by Travis Herche

Parli Debate

  • Art, Argument and Advocacy: Mastering Parlimentary Debate, by Shuster, Kate and Meany, John www.amazon.com

Speech Events

  • The Art of Apologetics – by Karen Kovaka

  • The Art of Interpretation – by Nick Ellege

  • The Art of Platform Speaking – by Michele Hop

  • As I was Saying, by Thane Rehn – A Guide to the World of Competitive Speech www.amazon.com

  • Split Second Thinking, by Zac Floweree (impromptu)

  • The Extemporaneous Handbook, by Anna Crowson www.amazon.com

  • Keys to Interp by Travis Herche