About the Band

Some bands form quickly for commercial reasons. Others come together organically over time, by forces of nature.

Marshall's Dixieland Jazz Band is the latter -- a group of talented musicians dedicated to the craft of original dixieland music, played on the original instruments. Marshall's uses little or no amplification, and written music is optional if used at all, so every tune is a unique creation formed around the other musicians, the audience and the mood.

If you love original dixieland jazz, consider booking Marshall's Band for your party, wedding, jazz festival ... or whatever.


Retired or Deceased Members; No Longer Playing on Earth

In April of 2019, we lost our piano player, Charley Huck. Hear Charley tell the story of Marshall's Dixieland Jazz Band here. Watch him introduce one of his favorite tunes and read his obituary.

2015 was hard for Marshall's band. We've lost two core regulars, but we'll keep playing and will keep their memories and spirits alive with our music.

Frank Stabile, Banjo (N. Plainfield). Our beloved, loyal singer/banjo player; July 2015. Obituary.

Sam Leiner, Drums. Our dear friend and faithful drummer on a cold day in January 2015. We just helped Sam celebrate his 90th birthday last July with a wonderful jam session. His steady rhythm and outstanding musicianship will be greatly missed. He will be replaced by his hand picked replacement and friend Jerry Gerard.


Rates are negotiable but generally start at $100 per player for a standard 2 to 4 hour evening.

Contact: Warren Buckleitner or call 908-284-0460