Welcome to the Finest Dixieland Jazz in New Jersey

A band with history...

Marshall Stalley found new life as a piano player when he retired from Rutgers University in 1982, after a career as a sociologist that spanned 21 years. Two years into his retirement, Stalley attended a group course on jazz piano improvisation proving that you're never to old to learn. Said Stalley in a 1989 issue of the Rutgers Focus, "I played piano before, but hadn't had any real theory or any real guidance in improvisation."


He soon met a piano player who was also a drummer. He then put an ad in the paper and got a clarinetist who knew a banjo player -- and before long they had a spirited Dixieland band.

Stalley died in 2002, but the band he started played on, with Charlie Huck taking his place at the piano. Stalley used to joke, "We only use the music to be sure that we are all in the right key. We find it works better that way." The band continues in this tradition to this day. Have a listen!

Interested in booking the band? Send an email to trumpet player Warren Buckleitner!