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MarSci was first published in the Fall of 2002 at the University of South Carolina. Since that time the journal has changed editorial teams several times and experienced several revisions. The MarSci now available to readers around the world is a result of the work put forth by all the editors, staff, and faculty advisers of the journal. We are proud to offer you an archive of MarSci releases from 2002 - present.

Issue 18, Fall 2018

  • Taylors REU at Duke
  • Ashley's six week research experience on the SSV Robert C. Seamans
  • Sea turtle research in Mexico

Issue 17, Fall 2017

  • Interview with Dr. Tammi Richardson
  • LUMCON Internship
  • Indeterminate Growth in Echinoderms

Issue 16, Fall and Spring 2016

  • Interview with Dr. Ryan Rykaczewski
  • Summer on the Sound: My Internship at IMMS
  • Exploring Time Series in Aeolian Transport: An Exercise in Data Visualization
  • Atlantic Salmon

Issue 15, Spring 2015

  • Letter from the Editors
  • Queen of Phytoplankton
  • My Journey to the End of the World
  • An Exercise in Sustainability: Designing and Implementing USC's First Aquaponics System
  • Into the Umbra: a photographic inquiry into the microscopic world of plankton

Issue 14, Fall 2013

  • Semester Recap
  • Fearless in Fiji
  • A Summer Down South: My Internship at Mote
  • Delving into the Rainforest: Amazonia
  • Getting to Know Your Professors: Ron Benner
  • The Road to Oz: Cairns, Australia
  • An Un-Belize-able Summer
  • Research in the Great White Shark Capital of the World: South Africa
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • A Whale (Shark) of a Tale
  • Mastering the Mantas
  • Dirty Jobs: Shark Edition

Social Issue, 1, Fall 2012

  • Semester Recap
  • The Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park
  • Operation Wallacea: Indonesia
  • South Africa: Great Whites
  • MSCI 101: Huntington State Park
  • Getting to Know Your Professors: Howie Scher

Research Issue 13, Fall 2012

  • Validating Quantitative Fatty Acid Signature Analysis Using Dive Profiles of Hawaiian Monk Seals
  • The Influence of Tropical Cyclones on Chesapeake Bay Dead Zones

Issue 12, Spring 2012

  • The Effect of Temperature on Balanus amphitrite Feeding Rate

Issue 11, Spring 2011

  • Recent Diadema antillarum densities and macroalgal composition at Discovery Bay,
    • Jamaica
  • Featured Research Experiences & Scholarships for Undergraduates in the Marine Sciences

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Ecology of Coral Reefs

Discovery Bay, Jamaica

Volume 1, Maymester 2010

A collection of undergraduate research on coral reef ecology

by students at Coastal Carolina University.

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Issue 10, Fall 2010

  • Nutrient inputs from submerged groundwater discharge do not determine macroalgal species diversity in Discovery Bay, Jamaica
  • The effects of hypoxia on heart rate and lactate in the Atlantic Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus
  • A comparison of behavioral patterns of male and female StoplightParrotfish, Sparisoma viride, in San Salvador, the Bahamas.
Fall 2010, Issue 10

MarSci Issue 10: Fall 2010, Issue 10

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Issue 9, Spring 2010

  • Input of dissolved nutrients by submarine groundwater discharge to the lagoon at Discovery Bay, Jamaica
  • Species selectivity of clients by the neon goby cleaner fish Gobiosoma oceanops
Spring 2010

MarSci Issue 9: Spring 2010

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Issue 7, Spring 2009

  • Immune responses of cnidarians when exposed to heat and oxidative stress

Issue 6, Fall 2008

  • Creating a molecular database for identifying two subspecies of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides)
  • Studying and scuba diving in Australia
  • Shell disease in crustaceans

Issue 5, Spring 2008

  • Anti-predator swimming behavior in Daphnia

Issue 4, Fall 2007

  • Nutrient limitation on the plankton communities from a river-dominated bay and a tidal estuary in South Carolina
  • Migration rates of invertebrate grazers in Eelgrass beds: Variations with species, time, and distance among patches
  • Spatial distribution and characterization of communities of organisms associated with Sargassum spp. algae in Autumn

Issue 3, Spring 2006

  • Impacts of temperature on emergence of trematode cercariae from the mud snail Ilyanassa obsoleta
  • Ethics of scientific writing and publishing

Issue 2, Spring 2003

  • The impact of changing river discharge on the salinity regime of the Winyah Bay Estuary, South Carolina
  • The effect of prey density of the zooplanktivory by the burrowing ophiuriod Hemipholis elongata
  • Microbial community structure of crude oil-degrading enrichment cultures from the USS Arizona

Issue 1, Fall 2002

  • Evidence for lateral convergence zones in Winyah Bay, South Carolina
  • Measurement and modeling of tidal currents in Hog Inlet, South Carolina
  • Use of ADCP survey to identify potential shoaling sites in Georgetown Harbor, South Carolina
  • Carbon removal through algal mediated precipitation of calcium carbonate
  • Past sea surface temperatures in the South China Sea based on a new foraminiferal magnesium calibration