Online Journal for Undergraduate Research in the Marine and Aquatic Sciences

Welcome to theĀ MarSci website! Here you will find information on how to submit content for future publications, ways to become more involved, and past publications. We at MarSci strive to be more professional, have more content, and increase the diversity of contributions. We also hope to increase student involvement, particularly from other universities.

Future issues will feature research manuscripts, posters and abstracts, student articles, words of advice from faculty members, and upcoming deadlines and events (REU programs and student-friendly conferences). This format encourages the submission of any undergraduate researching in the fields of marine and aquatic sciences. Students can submit work from completed projects and works-in-progress in any form listed. We want students to share their experiences!

The mission of MarSci is to:

      1. provide a first-time publication experience for undergraduates
      2. introduce undergraduates to the world of scientific journalism
      3. inform interested students of potential research opportunities


The 2016 issue of MarSci is now available. Click here to read it!

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