Maroš Servátka
Professor of Economics
Director of MGSM Experimental Economics Laboratory
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Sydney, Australia

Email: maros.servatka [at]

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Working papers

"Deadlines, Urgency, and Procrastination in Charitable Tasks: A Field Experiment," with Stephen Knowles, Trudy Sullivan, and Murat Genç, 2017 [download] -- revise & resubmit at Economic Inquiry

"Rank-Order Competition in the Voluntary Provision of Impure Public Goods," with Andrej Angelovski and Tibor Neugebauer, 2017 [download] -- revise & resubmit at Economic Inquiry

"Gender Robustness of Overconfidence and Excess Entry," with Katarína Danková, 2018 [download] -- revise & resubmit at Journal of Economic Psychology

"Variations in Price Formation," with Sean Collins, Duncan James, and Radovan Vadovič, 2018

"Anchoring in Project Duration Estimation," with Matej Lorko and Le Zhang, 2018 [download]

"Sequential vs. Simultaneous Trust," with Till Gross and Radovan Vadovič, 2018 [download]

"Job Assignment and Fairness Concerns," with Katarína Danková, Hodaka Morita, and Le Zhang, 2018


"How Do Experiments Inform Collective Action Research?" in C. Ménard and M. Shirley eds., Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics, Edward Elgar Publishers, forthcoming. [download]

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