MT4 Indicators

This is a list of the MT4 indicators I have finished and uploaded for open source sharing for the Metatrader 4 platform for forex traders. If you have requests, please leave a comment.These MT4 indicators were created in response to a need in the testing of the expert advisors (also found on this site).

Basket_Stats mq4 MT4 Indicator Basket_Stats.mq4 is a Metatrader indicator designed to help forex traders who need to monitor multiple currencies. Basket_Stats helps forex traders track currency baskets in real-time by number of open trades, lots, open profit or loss, and closed profit or loss. This is all done by currency pair, and totals are provided for all currencies in the basket. Forex traders have the ability to track entries by magic number and with the newly updated version to place multiple versions of Basket_Stats.mq4 on a single Metatrader chart with the ability to choose anchor corner (upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, lower-right) and left/right offset and top/bottom offset. This should be in every currency basket trader's toolbox and in every Metatrader Navigator window.
Basket Stats MT4 Indicator for Metatrader

Basket_Stats mq4 Inputs Explained Read this summary to find out what the Basket_Stats inputs mean and how to use them to place multiple versions of the MT4 indicator on a Metatrader chart just where you want them. The inputs are easy to understand and no MQL4 programming knowledge is required.

Basket_Stats_Time mq4 MT4 Indicator Basket_Stats_Time.mq4 is a Metatrader indicator that allows forex traders to break out profit and loss by hour and by currency. The purpose of Basket_Stats_Time.mq4 is to help answer the question, what times are best to trade with my forex strategy for each forex symbol? Forex traders are able to select whether times reported by Metatrader refer to open trade or closed trade time and times are in local computer time. Additional Metatrader settings include trader-specified number of decimals, column width as well as the other familiar settings available in Basket_Stats. Use this Metatrader indicator to mine for patterns in your trading for profit! Every forex trader needs a copy of this Metatrader indicator in their client terminal.
Basket Stats Time MT4 Indicator for Metatrader

Pairs Trading MT4 Indicator for Statistical arbitrage Pairs with Beta is an MT4 indicator that shows the spread between two currency pairs. 
Statistical Arbitrage / Pairs Trading MT4 Indicator Pairs with Beta

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