Market Formula = Forex Trader + Metatrader

Market Formula = Forex Trader + Metatrader

Download free MT4 indicators, expert advisors and MQL4 scripts for forex traders. Read MQL4 code tutorials and helpful tips for Metatrader. Follow SWFX forex sentiment for currency traders. The links below contain Metatrader indicators for currency basket analysis including Basket_Stats and Basket_Stats_Time, Metatrader expert advisors trading the anti-grid including SnowRoller and RatRoller automated trading robots, Metatrader scripts to close all orders and close all trades and clean all objects from a chart. Find MQL4 code tutorials to help learn MQL4 coding for Metatrader 4 such as how to trade only once per bar and how to use the MarketInfo function. Study forex sentiment from SWFX to learn how your fellow currency traders are positioning.

Articles Various topics will be added here as time goes by including triangular arbitrage 101, triangular arbitrage lot size, triangular arbitrage with bid ask quotesten ways to improve out of sample system performance,  algorithmic trading, R, Metatrader, trading systems.

MT4 Indicators I use these MT4 Indicators in my forex trading and automated system development. Most Metatrader indicators are related around multiple currency analysis or providing more information to the forex trader about a particualr expert advisor that may be running with or without magic number. Downloads for these free Metatrader indicators are available in *.mq4 and *.ex4 format.

MT4 Expert Advisor Forex traders who are looking for automated trading robots for the Metatrader platform need look no further! Many expert advisor versions for Metatrader 4 are in development for forex traders currently and more are coming so check back often. Full MQL4 source code is provided for all Metatrader expert advisors. Downloads are available in *.mq4 and *.ex4 format.

MT4 Scripts Sometimes forex traders just need to act quickly to capture a profit or to get out of a trade with ease. Scripts are provided to show how to use some important MQL4 functions, like cleaning off all the objects on the screen, or closing out all open trades within Metatrader. These MT4 scripts were written to help make things easier when trading within the Metatrader 4 platform. Downloads are available in *.mq4 format.

MQL4 Code Tutorials Have you ever wanted to improve your understanding of the language behind Metatrader 4 - MQL4? Now it is easy for forex traders to learn how to read and write MQL4 code using easy to understand MQL4 code tutorials and samples that demonstrate several useful Metatrader functions and ways to use MQL4 in each tutorial lesson. Every Metatrader trader should learn how the code behind their expert advisor works.

Forex Sentiment Would it be valuable to know how other forex traders are positioning to see if you are going with the herd or against the trading crowd? See how your fellow forex traders are currently positioned on the most popular forex currency pairs and gain a knowledge advantage with forex sentiment provided by SWFX.

Forex automated system trading and development is my passion. I trade and develop automated trading systems for cash forex, forex futures, commodities and even stocks and stock index futures from time to time. This site is dedicated to traders seeking information on automated tradingcurrency trading systems, and MT4 expert advisors for automatic forex trading. My focus is on forex automatic trading using Metatrader Expert Advisors (EA), and continuing work on my automated trading platform and order entry platforms. I'm also interested in trading system development in general. Here I will share from my MT4 expert advisor development, MQL4 code for Metatrader and MT4 indicators using the Metatrader platform and written in MQL4

For those who wish to learn MQL4, sample code will be provided. You will be able to download a MT4 expert advisor called Snow Roller and even look at the full MQL4 source code. I'm a firm believer in open source code as sharing ideas with others is the best way for all to learn quickly.Most of my time and analysis is oriented toward creating a profitable currency trading system for automated trading on Metatrader in the foreign exchange market (known interchangeably as currencyforexFX). A short list of the content on this site can be found above or by browsing the links on the navigation bar above and to the right. This site is evolving so check back often for more MQL4 code samples. 

Also, make sure to follow me on twitter so you can be the first to see what new stuff I've cooked up! If you have comments, questions, or suggestions for future pages, the best way to reach me is on my blog Forex Trader + Metatrader.

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