Courses Taught

Capital Markets 5907

The course is one of the classes offered to Master of Science in Finance students to obtain a concentration in Real Estate. It utilizes a case based approach to illustrate debt and equity capital market concepts including public and private debt placement, nonperforming debt instruments, market analysis and public equity markets. The course requires a project with a credit analysis of a REIT and an investment recommendation.

Real Estate Market Analysis 4143

The course is designed to familiarize students with Real Estate Market Analysis as well as property valuation. The course requires a completion of a commercial property valuation project. Special emphasis is placed on using Excel and Argus Enterprise Software as well as market data provided by CoStar.

RES 3200 Property Investment and Financing

This course offers students a thorough orientation in the fields of real estate investment and finance. It covers the basics of the real estate investment analysis, mortgage concepts, and the financing of residential and commercial properties. The topics include an overview of the major types of valuation models and approaches that are used for analyzing the chief categories of real properties. Alternative types of mortgages will be discussed. The course emphasizes and clarifies the many ways in which financing and investments in real assets are similar to --and yet different from--financial assets.

RES 4200 Investment Strategies in Property Markets

This course introduces students to the major concepts, principles, analytical methods, and tools used in making investment decisions regarding commercial real estate assets. The course covers economic and financial analyses that pertain to individual income properties. The topics included are ownership structure, exit decision, tax strategies, financing alternatives, risk analyses, portfolio analysis, and international ventures. Students are expected to develop an ability to conduct a comprehensive investment analysis of an income producing property for a client.

FIN 9776 Real Estate Finance

This course is an introduction to the major concepts, principles, analytical methods and tools useful for making investment and finance decisions regarding commercial real estate assets. The focus is on institutional (e.g., banks, life insurance companies, pension funds, REITs) real estate decision-making regarding large-scale commercial property. The course rigorously integrated real estate finance topics with and builds its methodology upon a modern corporate finance and investment framework.